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  1. All Fairy Tail Links Are Dead

    can You Please Re-uploade On MEGA

  2. Hi Can You please Upload The First Season Of Victorious

  3. Hi Can You please Uploade Death Note Blu-ray

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      The Death Note 'Live-Action' Blu-ray is up. lol :P

    2. Ziad Kutaish
    3. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      I know. I have yet to do anything with it.

  4. Hi Can You please Re-uploade Kung Fu Panda S2 Because All links are dead

    1. Harry-Potter


      I don't have my Mini Encodes. But I can get you the Source 720p WEB-DL from iT00NZ version

    2. Ziad Kutaish

      Ziad Kutaish

      Ok ; Thank You Very Much

      Can you please Uploade Them On Mega Or Google Drive

  5. Can You Please Re-Uploude All Episodes OF Fairy Tail

    All The Links Are DEad


  6. Hi Can You Uploude A Dual Audio Of All Episodes Of Fairy Tail 1080p


    1. iBreaker


      @Ziad Kutaish If you're talking about the original series, then you're wasting your time cause 1080p is too much of an upscale for it. Even 720p is. If you want the best possible release then go for tlacatlc6's 576p for the original and 720p for the 2014 season.


      If you still want to grab the 1080p one just grab DHD's release.

    2. Ziad Kutaish

      Ziad Kutaish

      Yes The Originals Series 

      720p Is Fine To Me


  7. Hi Can someone please Help Me How To Record Your Screen In HD For Samsung S3 Because I Download A Bunsh Of Apps From Play Store Didn't Work & Some Need Root.
  8. Hi Guys I Have Verizon Internet unlimited GB But My Brother Says I can't Download HD Movies or series Or even 480p Sd Series or Movies Because Of The Copyright So How I Know what im downloading is Copyright is it By Torrent or Links
  9. Hi Mr.Kimiko Are You Going to Uploade Death Note Bluray

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      sadly no, I deleted it in favor of working with the Z _Fighters on a all new project.
      A lot of people have been bitching about the Blu-ray, I need some really decent HD snapshots to really decide for myself. Because if an upscale is done right I keep it for archive. Hikaru no Go is one of those upscales that people bitch about but its actually really done right.

    2. Etzimal


      As far as I can tell, there is no reason to encode Death Note with the USBDs. As much as we wanted it to be done right... It wasn't.

    3. Koby


      Opening has more detail, but the actual episodes are worse than the JPDVD. The BD is a bad Q-TEC warpsharp job with smudged lines, added grain, and other issues that can't be reversed.

  10. Hi Can someone please help me I have a really big problem I downloaded from (bitlord search) the black list season 3 1080p but The size of per episode is 350 mb not 1.5 Gb So yes The size of the Episode have been converted but the Quality is the same When I open the episode it freezes The Video and the audio continues and im useing vlc windows 7 & itried looking in YouTube for a solution but nothing works & itried other player but the video is the same & and I Tried Converting it To Mp4 By Using Freemake But Didn't Convert At all And this the name of the torrent The Blacklist Season 3 S03 1080p Web AAC 5.1 x265 I hope someone find a solution
  11. Hi Mr.Waddles Can You Uploude Kung Fu Panda Season 2 720p Web-DL

  12. Hi Ranma-kun Do You Have Yu-Gi-Oh Fullscreen From nick toons

  13. Hi Mr.Kimiko Are you going to Uploude Naruto Shippuden And Bleach In 1080p Web-DL or Just Only 720p

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