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  1. Visual Novel Demo Creation

    Sure that would be awesome, like I said I'm not sure if I can help but you have sparked my interest back into Visual novels
  2. Visual Novel Demo Creation

    That's good to hear, to be honest I never really put that much effort into make anything, I always just used images from goggle and never created any art myself. So it kinda died dead in the water, but I did find a copy of my old script that I saved into a word document, I just uploaded it to Google drive. so feel free to have a look https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwveyHcXhcmjelRMU3VkZzFTNWc/view?usp=sharing
  3. Visual Novel Demo Creation

    I like the idea of unlockables, sadly I've never tried it myself so I cant really help you out. I wanted to have a mini point and click aspect to my game but I could never get the image mapping correct the coordinates never matched even after using the pinpoint cursor. I'm not sure how much I can help if any but I'll gladly help you on anything I've done and got working.
  4. Visual Novel Demo Creation

    I've dabbed around using Ren'Py 6.16 but I've never created anything close to a full game, mainly because I don't have any arthritis skills and I couldn't get some of the ideas I wanted to work, but nevertheless I have experience with java (no thanks to my university games course). In my creation I made it possible so you could select a Male or Female character where the game branched off into two individual stories that would clash in the middle. I then allowed the user to input your own name with a maximum of 20 characters, the idea behind my creation was the Male experienced a recurring nightmare, where the Female experienced normal dreams. I then continued to have three possible selections at each playable scenario with somewhat random outcomes (This never worked well). I was also able to have the images (Petals) fall across the screen for the rain effect and have videos play. That's about the extend of my dabbing.
  5. Club Nintendo

    Is anyone else having problems login into there account?
  6. Anyone into J-Drama or K-Drama?

    I understand what you mean, what I don't understand at least when it comes to music is the fact that in one music video someone like Lady GaGa or Katy Perry for example can change outfits and wigs like ten times in the space of three minutes. Now I know that if this was a film or television show then this would perfectly explain the passage of time/day, and I fully get that in a music video the illusion of time doesn't quite work the same, but the sad reality is that the world is just infatuated with fashion and "looking good". Now mixed this with the whole propaganda towards the gay life style and world of fashion and metrosexuality you have the perfect combination of a man that can very easily be effeminate and if you say anything deemed offensive you are fully in the wrong.
  7. Anyone into J-Drama or K-Drama?

    I'm not going to disagree with you as your entitled to your opinion on the subject, but you can't deny that as an entertainment business K-Pop knows that using bight and colorful over the top visualisations, mixed with feminine looking males equals serious amounts of cash in the back pocket. Proof that this grabs peoples attention is that the female group 2NE1 have been signed with an American contract by the Will.i.am Music Group. Can I ask do you have a problem with anyone female that is a Korean singer/dancer/actor? You seem to vent about how the males are all feminine, are you just that against all the over the top make-up on males? You must seriously dislike the whole New Romanticism.
  8. Anyone into J-Drama or K-Drama?

    I personally don't have a problem with the appearance of any male Korean singers/dancer you have to remember K-Pop and J-Pop are both based around very bright and colorful in your face visuals and fashion. Just like in the Western world you have the likes of R&B or Metal which only appeals to certain people the same can be said about K-Pop. Also if you take a step back from the mainstream light you can really discover some great bands and musicians take the rock groups Nell and Loveholic (Closing single for Black Blood Brothers) for example. I also don't mind select filler episodes as some can be entertaining not many but a few, plus I do watch both American and British drama so I'm use to the needless long winded dragged out explanation of plots in the stories and character development, each to their own liking I guess. I have drove into the world of Chinese music thanks to the likes of; 24Herbs (Sleeping Dogs), Mayday and Frosty Eve, just to list a few. I have also watched Red Cliff, Three Kingdoms and Ip Man all great for any martial arts fan. I wasn't comparing as it's all down to your own personal interests, I was more interested if anyone was a fan.
  9. Anyone into J-Drama or K-Drama?

    Ever since I've been watching Anime, I've taken an interest into almost all things Japanese; Music, Manga, Video Games, Movies. However I've always stayed away from the Television shows as I've never really bothered to fully endorse the culture. Other the years I've found myself looking into other forms of Asian entertainment, So it's probably not a surprise that with K-Pop being in the mainstream light bigger and brighter than ever before people are more and more interested into the culture of Korea, myself included. Recently I've been looking into the ever popular world of J-Drama and K-Drama and was wondering if anybody else had started to dive into the world of Asian entertainment, and could provided an insight into the world and perhaps recommend useful places to go about searching, I previously and still continue to enjoy watching Asian horrors especially that which are Japanese and Korean, So I only think it's about time I dive deeper into the world I'm missing.
  10. anyone into K-pop or 2ne1?

    K-pop is something that has been slowly taking over my life; Playlist
  11. Digimon Adventure Tri (2015)

    Quite excited to see how this plays out, lost interest in Season 4.
  12. Introduction :P

    Hello I use to be a member of Cartoon-World for around 5 years back in the good old downloading days, I went under the username KingofDarkness perhaps some of you might remember me? anywhere I decided to make an account as I use to enjoy coming on the forum and spending time speaking with fellow anime lovers