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  1. 998,833 when i posted the first one it said 'you must wait 5 seconds between posts. please wait 4 more seconds' and i figured i was so amazing that i posted the other one on the 100,000 1 second before i tried to post this one.. so i clicked post. and yeah, the rest is history. wheres a mod?
  2. ohh, and tattoos??? i got gir on my right leg and a peace sign on my left hip and my name going across the middle between my hips.. for certain reasons. lol
  3. i used to. a regular pothead. then work forced me to quit... now i smoke the stuff that tastes like cardboard.. not the same but you still get a buzz.
  4. every other day.. my dad is a Sasquatch.
  5. my zero gauge earrings, my studs above them. my lip rings. worry ring on my left middle, silver iron cross ring on my right ring, silver bold ring on my thumb and a gold promise ring on my pinky. green choker with a hibiscus flower hanging from it. on my right arm: rubber bracelet with wellness: the ultimate goal. 4 silly bands, a green hairbow and a brown american eagle braided bracelet. on my left, a green white and black braided bracelet, a plain black braided bracelet and 4 silly bands. it don't look like alot... but when i type it out.. its a bunch.. wow..
  6. 1,795 42, wallaby way, sydney. oh my god i remembered it! lol
  7. 998,836 im gettin involved in this one too.
  8. 998,836 im gettin involved in this one too.
  9. 1,793. just keep swimming.. just keep swimming.
  10. 1,789 well im here now, we'll get to moving. lol
  11. 1,787. wow. pretty high.
  12. is this really that surprising? i mean anything anybody does is twittered or facebooked. 'washing my toes for the first time in weeks. alot of toe jam. anyone want to buy it?' if they actually wanted to catch pedo and other malicious acts.. why don't they do like their and our ancestors did and get off their butts and do some real work?
  13. sadly i have to say it was dear john with my ex girlfriend... not that bad of a movie by the way.. i cried.
  14. dude, are you kidding me? pikachu was, is and always will be the best cartoon character in the world. lol
  15. i need both. idk how its done now adays.. but i'll take it old school for a few moments.. signature: Background:blue, royal blue, deep purple, and violet. images: http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll81/destroied/pikachu-1zcp1gl.jpg and http://pokemon.neoseeker.com/w/i/pokemon/d/da/Ash_Ketchum_Sinnoh.png and my name somewhere on it. avvy same as sig, but with; http://illumeateight.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/pikachu1.jpg really would like it to look awesome. if you could make it look better than what i had in mind.. do it. just want something amazing.
  16. memorizing my ip address huh? attempting to hack me maybe? na, just refreshing stuff. just might end up bringin somethin back up that may need to be resurrected. but maybe not... ye or yeh just might need some dust blown off now that more funds are available. but as the name implies.. i'll prob turn into pe or peh..
  17. rather not say, you'd get it by yk1, but lets not go advertising who i am. lol
  18. Hey, im me. lol just comin by to see if i like whats goin on. i was a user a while back. not much into anything anymore but there is a good possibility that i'll be around for a while.
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