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  1. Did you ever happen to find this in 1080p? https://kametsu.com/topic/57424-req-ben-10-destroy-all-aliens-web-dl720p/ 


    @DawnShadow. said he still had it and I am hoping he can reupload for us.


    1. Yatogam1


      I'm also waiting, until today he has not posted.

  2. Really? In my opinion this is not very necessary rule.
  3. Well, if possible can you send me an invite to AnimeBytes? I was looking for an invitation to the Asian because there they have multiple DVDs of anime that are rare. For example, Zatch Bell in the Japanese version, Bakugan, among others. I have encoded the season 1 and 2 the Zatch Bell in japanese, I looking for the season 3 (101-150)
  4. How can I sign up for Asian? I'd like to join to the site. If someone can help will be appreciated.
  5. First 26 episodes of NT Warrior are encoded and uploaded.

    1. Yatogam1


      Great. Thanks for the encodes! :D

  6. Every time I try to log into the site never managed, could explain to me why? The message: To register an account on Asian DVD Club, you must fill out an application. Click the link below and follow the instructions. We will then accept or reject your application based on your answers. "Fill out an application" I come here but no one ever showed up to let me.
  7. Hey there, just curious if you know how to get the English audio and subtitles working for the Pokemon movie download you provided? I only seem to be able to play it in Japanese or Portuguese at the moment, no English subtitles or dub appear to be selectable.

  8. Depends on the series. Most I download and keep at 720p. If only to know, watch and then delete: 480p. But I like always down at 1080p.
  9. Hello, I'm Marcio from Brazil. I'm happy to be part of this site.
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