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  1. Perfectly understandable, I would probably do the same if I didn't know the person either. Whatever you decide let me know. I'll be around. And ya if internet was not an issue I wouldn't really care about queuing because I would be able to get them downloaded quickly, but as it stands I am looking at about on average 1-3 hours per episode at 1080p and quite often even with the ffmpeg script it pauses mid stream so being able to queue over night would save me a lot of time and waiting. and because my internet is so terrible I can't stream it at 1080p which is why I am always looking for ways to download and store content locally, at least temporarily so I can watch it.
  2. If at all possible a way to queue episodes from the selected series would be a great edition, I personally like queuing my downloads to run overnight due to the fairly terrible internet speeds I have because any download during the day usually prevent me from doing anything else on the network. I mean it is more of a convenience request but would still be a great addition if possible. Also nice, Ryzen is looking to be a pretty big success for AMD, I personally don't take sides I have ran both Intel, AMD and Nvidia as some point or another. Current setup for me is an Intel Core i7 5960X, With a Titan X Pascal (I actually upgraded to this from 2 x AMD R9 295x2 those cards got thrown into a media center/living room gaming system and a small form factor desktop for LAN events) but seriously for the price point AMD is targeting Ryzen is an extremely enticing product and if I didn't have a 1000$ Intel CPU I would probably get one for my personal rig if I was rocking something with less than 8 cores.

    TV Anime 'Overlord' Receives Second Season

    Been waiting for this, Also Madhouse making a season 2 of something 10/10 that is totally like the rarest thing ever. Still waiting on HOTD Season 2 that will never come lol.
  4. @Koby I wouldn't mind getting my hand on that as well as I am a premium member, that is if you don't mind PM'ing it to me as well, if not I understand.
  5. Sorry for the lack of a response/update I have been quite busy over the last week and have just got around to testing your ffmpeg script and I am happy to report that it is working flawlessly so far and I have not had any issues attempting to download shows with it. Thanks for your help, I still have no idea why the default one refuses to work but I am happy to have a solution none the less, again thank you.
  6. I have already acquired the aforementioned episodes via other means, however the issue is extending to any and all uses of the tool. No content I attempt to download using it works and results in the same Timeout error every time without fail. I have tried several series including, Overlord, A certain scientific railgun, Chaos;Child, and several others and all fail.
  7. 540p resulted in the same error. And I have re authenticated in the CMD window again to make sure
  8. This is my full output. Minus the authentication which I did already. When it gets to the Opening Stream 1080p it does that for 2-3 minutes and then gives the Failed to read data from stream: Read Timeout error, that displays for about 5 minutes and then the Press any key to continue prompt appears. I checked my adapter usage during this time and it is receiving data at my full download speed during the whole process until the press any key to continue prompt appears. My Download and Upload are not the greatest, 5Mbit down and 1Mbit up, could this be causing the issue? I used to download with ffmpeg before Funimation's Site Update and it always worked fine.
  9. re downloaded it and performed the exact same steps you specified above, I am also running windows 10 and the same: [cli][error] Failed to read data from stream: Read timeout issue occurs, I have no idea why it is not working.
  10. Yep Episode 1 for the dub of Saga of Tanya the Evil in 1080p, I continue to get that error when I download. I also got this output after about 5 mins of nothing after the error. And it is a simuldub so I am sure that you have to be a subscriber to watch it dubbed at least for the time being.
  11. Quotation marks are probably the issue, I am a funimation subscriber so that was likely the issue I will test it now edit this post with the status. UPDATE: I have removed the quotation marks and since attempted to download using this command: funi -s 261758 --sel 1 --dub -q 1080p It results in the same error Encountered in the post above. I am not region blocked when using the website and have no issues nor have I ever had issues using the website to watch any content. I am a funimation subscriber and I just recently within the last 30 days renewed my yearly membership.
  12. This keeps occurring every time I try to use this tool. Command Used: funi -s 261758 --sel 1 --dub -q "1080p"

    my introduction

    Hi im animeadict i've been a huge fan of anime and manga for a long time