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  1. scrApyArd209

    How did you find this website ?

    I was searching dual audio on google and this place first show up.
  2. scrApyArd209

    Robo-Transforming Car at Tokyo Motor Show

    Okay i'm not sure this would be a daily driver vehicle, cause i do not want to be next to that car as im driving. But it kinda sound great a car that can transform.
  3. scrApyArd209

    Looking for a tear-jerker anime!

    Man you should try Plastic Memories, Charlotte, and maybe future dairy (that paino song kinda make it emotional.) And Angel beats and Guilty Crown are a must. And maybe Toradora and penguindrum. Hope this help.
  4. scrApyArd209

    New Anime to Watch

    you also might wanna try Guilty Crown, Charlotte, Attack on Titan, Seraph of the End, kill la kill, persona 4, coppelion.
  5. scrApyArd209

    Physical or Digital Media??

    Hmm some of you guy make great point, my opinion I prefer physical over digital mostly bluray/dvd combo. reason why because of the bonus feature and 5.1 surround audio output. I'm not sure if anime digital are sold with 5.1 surround output (dues to most of digital I brought are stereo format). And second thing I hate about digital is the fact how I forget my login to access the content. I had brought from lot of different vendor and forgot what username or email i had used.
  6. scrApyArd209

    So a theoretic question for all...

    It simple I would start from scratch from what I had saved so far and start from there. But if everything was reset and clear even the save, I would start all over but that depend how my day go if I'm not piss off cus I forgot to meditate.
  7. scrApyArd209

    Anime Archiving: 1080p or 720p

    I'm going to said 720p why because due to lack of memory i have and 720p when encoding is faster then trying to encode a 1080p video which take me more then 15 minutes.
  8. The only one i can think of is highschool of the dead, coppelion, aldnoah zero (mecha anime but kinda similiar to attack on titan due to someone is fighting something to protect humanity), guilty crown (kinda), seraph of the end, black bullet. yeh that about all i can think right now, give it try and good luck.
  9. scrApyArd209

    What Anime shows have made you cry?

    The anime that almost made me cry where future dairy due to the paino theme , Plastic Memories, and charlotte and maybe guilty crown cause i kinda felt sorry for the protaganist.
  10. scrApyArd209

    Sub's or dubs?

    sub or dub? Im going settle with dub since I like to do other thing with my eye beside looking at subtitle. But sub are not bad either but it just i dont speak the language the audio it support. but sub be my second resort since all new simulcast are sub. When there an english dub i'm going to take advantage of it.
  11. scrApyArd209

    Favourite Part of Dragonball

    My favorite part of dragon ball was liitle goku fighting ninja murasaki and the part where goku travel to west city to look for bulma. Crazy thing is whenever i pop a dragon ball dvd in that the episode i'm looking for. reason I dont why. Why I love these part is first of all ninja murasaki is not to smart of an ninja. them west city look like an interesting place.
  12. scrApyArd209

    Any anime Recommendations for?

    Have you try Guilty Crown, Coppelion, darker than black, Another,ghost hunt,Akame ga kill (dub still ongoing), highschool of the dead,fate stay night unlimit blade work. not sure if you seen them but if you did, don't worry i have more in mind.
  13. Psn Id: Dongly209 or TwinTailWarrior anyone playing Metal gear solids peace walker I dont mind assisting in mission.
  14. scrApyArd209

    Need Suggestions...

    How about Hamatora kinda remind me of psycho-pass or phi brain puzzle of god ,blood blockade battlefront ,heaven memo pad ,darker than black ,Coppelion. Oh I forgot you never mention are you watch this dub or sub cus most of the anime i mention has a dub season 1 but second season that are still sub. oh and i forgot you might wanna try Ranpo Kitan - Game of Laplace even thought they are still on-going.
  15. scrApyArd209

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    So far what I'm playing is still Battlefield 3 and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. Hardly find any player in MGSpw but when time come i might purchase MGS V PP