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  1. @Maximillion93 I sent another reply to our convo almost 8 days ago, please reply back.


    You'd only have to spend £11.99 for George of the Jungle S02, not £23.98.

  2. Please check your inbox @Maximillion93, I replied back to our George of the Jungle convo.

  3. I knew the weather still would be bad, but WOW.

  4. RT @rickygervais: "I'll pray for you" = "I want some credit for caring, without actually having to do anything that takes any effort or tha…

  5. Bob's Burgers and a family cartoon have based episodes off of Lars and the Real Girl and The Breakfast Club both this year and last.

  6. Even if I'm wrong about this, it's easy to imply it in a time when Hollywood is lazier than ever. They made a Hitman sequel, god damn it.

  7. That convention I went to last month was all over U.N.C.L.E., yet here that couldn't stand a chance against Josh Gad impregnating Q*bert.

  8. The best-reviewed film coming this week is The Wolfpack, but from what folks on Letterboxd have been saying I'm not that convinced.

  9. Noah, do something about your relationship with Greta Gerwig. Anything. Mistress America was everything I loved about Frances Ha and more.

  10. Foosball's American release date for now is the 5th of February, 2016. It'll almost be three years old by then. Damn it, Harvey.

  11. The London Film Festival's full programme will be announced while I'm on holiday, so I'm having the brochure sent to San Francisco.

  12. It's the middle of 2015, and Tara Strong is still making positive, silly jokes around pictures made to make some of us masturbate.

  13. What's ruder in New Leaf - forgetting to talk to villagers for a while, or them saying "long time no see" without letting you have a chat?

  14. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. movie's style may be pretentious for some, but while I'm not sure about the show, fans of Ritchie will have a blast.

  15. Watched Cop Car, yet to have a UK release date set, via a US iTunes import. Since when was Kevin Bacon this well-cast?