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  1. Hi, your 1080p uploads are best ! any chance that you are gonna continue from 306 onwards ?? Thanks

  2. hi fidelbd When are you going to put all episodes of Naruto Shippuden In 720p Duel Aduio

  3. Are you going to do more naruto anytime soon?;P

    1. fidelbd


      Yes i will is just that i have been busy, i thought that i will be able to upload more episodes this week but i wasn't.

    2. fidelbd


      you will see the episodes any time soon

    3. ChoeyXD


      Just to let you know CR re-release a naruto shippudden from 80-242 they encode in better quality, just want to let u know since the early raw for naruto shippudden looks bad

  4. Hi fidelbd When are you going to put all episodes of Naruto Shippuden In 720p DuelAduio

    1. fidelbd


      I wasn't able to upload more episodes during the last few days but today i will start to upload more episodes

  5. mmm... Naruto 275 dubbed

  6. Also try playing episode 141 using Media player classic with default setting and see for yourself, if you are getting the same problem like me.

  7. Hey, what's going on with some of the Shippuden episodes, I'm at 113 and every time I go to the links, they always say that the files have been deleted. It's like that up until episode 140 720p. Also, some of the episodes are missing.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. fidelbd


      The i will fetch the links to some server..

    3. iRide4Shady


      Thanks man. You're the best.

    4. LeonVIII


      i also need these if anyone still has them 

  8. Could you get all one piece episodes 720p version from episodes 220 to the latest one and upload and post it here, I need subbed ones

    1. fidelbd


      i only have episodes 207-256 and 258-275 in 1080p, i couldn't find them in 720p. But from episode 276-299 i have .ts so maybe for that episodes i will have a 720p version. And i don't have any subs, maybe i could use the dvd ones

    2. Gedo Mazo

      Gedo Mazo

      Well I got from episodes 1 to 302 on http://www.kaizoku-fansubs.com/downloads/. If I recall the 720p versions start from 207 also.

      Do you have from episodes 303 and up.?

      If you could get them or know any place where I could download them let me know.

      I really need to get from episodes 303 720p versions,it doesn't matter what format they are AVI,MKV or MP4

    3. fidelbd


      But they are hard-subbed, I need them soft-subbed so i can add the eng audio track to it, and well i don't know any english fansub since i'm from nicaragua and i watch them with spanish subs from Akiba-kei no fansub, http://akiba-team.com/ , well i can tell you were to download the raws in ts if you are interested, right now they are at episode 301

  9. I use Cool Edit Pro 2.1!

  10. Yeah that does make more sense and you are quite fast at releasing them, any ways congrats on another well done release, if you do not mind me asking what do you use to sync?

  11. hmmm no! i just synced the 480p ones and the other ones were in sync. So i didn't have to work any more just re-mux the files! And i have to sync the special episodes that were 3(127/128 - 129/130 - 135/136). But that's already done! All that's left is upload them!

  12. Cool then, wow I did not even know they were any raws or encodes of Naruto Shippuden in 1080p. I will be sure to check them out, but would it not be easier to start off with the 1080p's then just convert them to the rest of the other resolutions?

  13. right now i'm sync the episodes so don't worry! I'm with the 480p those are a couple of minutes each one then i will start with the 720p and then the 1080p

  14. Hence more you beat me to the Shippuden encodes, oh well does not really matter anyways if you ever need someone to take over just know me and venom can do it any time. Guess I will just do them for myself.

  15. I see your once again the Naruto Shippuden provider, I wasn't sure you would come back this time after the recent events but nice to see you back again bro.

    You must have had some sick upload sped to be able to have completed doing all that. But anyways I look forward to your versions of episodes 83 to 112 and so fourth. I had actually done my own version of those new episodes because I wasn't sure you would be back but nice bro.

    Hopefully this time you don't disappear.