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  1. This is fine...

    Reminder everyone, make backups of your data.

    1. LelouchVBritannia


      I have one but it can only take you in the past because future is too uncertain¬†ūüėā.

    2. DJHulp


      Sentai Filmworks has One!

      Steins Gate! ;)¬†What you think it's definally no Microwave! ūü§£


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    2. emjay911



    3. P3-NI5


      Serious question: why would anyone leave video as m2ts, instead of repacking it as mkv, and shaving off HUNDREDS of megabytes?

    4. Badguys


      Blu-Ray Disc's filestructure only supports storing video and audio in a m2ts file.

  2. Yes, 5 days earlier than expected.

    Also can my mailman NOT but this in the mailbox! Just ring the door man, someone will open it. This can be stolen from my mailbox because I lost the key long time ago, and water can get in ....

    Please don't put this in my mailbox....

    1. Nabull


      Please blur out the download speed :baffle:

      Around 16 months of backlog here:cry:

    2. ACCM


      I second that "blur out the download speed"

  3. 5 days earlier than expected to receive my package. Quite surprised I'm really happy.

    1. jhoopes517


      Oooh. Looks Pretty. Didn't know they came out with this.

    2. ThePJzer


      I approve of the TKL keyboard. Love mine. Will never buy a full sized keyboard again. ^_^


      As far as the anime goes, never seen it. None the less, getting packages sooner than expected is always a nice surprise.  

  4. Zweeflol

    Need help in setting up mpv.conf file.

    here is mine mpv.config . IF you're going to use this be sure to change the "screenshot-directory=F:\000Libraries\Pictures\" to the folder you desire (default is on the desktop) MPC (KCP/CCCP) tend to be slow in heavy signs files, hell in "[LNS] Sora no Method 05" @ 3:40 - 4:20 MPC straight up crashed because of this. Just put the mpv.conf in the folder where the mpv.exe is
  5. Just a few days old and already 791GB used ... https://i.imgur.com/qJeqSEL.png ^_^

    1. sfaxt


      those blue 4tb ezrz it'd be a good idea to wdidle /s300 if you havent  done it already. it fixes the excessive headparks---

       esp. if load unload cycles are increasing fast. i had 500 cycles in 2-3 days with same disk. but ymmv.

      if you re interested,there are plenty of how to's . the important part is to have only the one disk plugged at a time while doing it.

    2. Zweeflol


      I highly recommend NOT hacking HDDs with crucial data on it! or in general.

      this can damage a hard drive, it is not designed for. WD BLUEs are designed for a lot of "sleep" for power saving

      Buy REDs (for 24/7 operations only) or BLACKs for performance

    3. sfaxt


      its not a hack, its an official wd application and a proven one many years now. though 6tb blues dont support it anymore.  its usually safe for the data as well.

       and a new disk one shouldn't yet have crucial data to lose. you do't actually know yet if its good, unless you've stress tested it before using,

      so you shouldn't put too much trust in a new disk, before its proven with a good bunch of writes.

      as for wdidle, basically those blues park heads every 8 secs. and that may or may not be a problem depending on your configuration. depends on usage however.

      eg if i had 200 load unload cycles per day->60k annually would be too much for me.   its just useless stress for the disk,

      basically /s300 makes a blue, a red without tler.

  6. Zweeflol

    DVD remux to mkv

    MakeMKV is what I use for DVD/BD remux
  7. Zweeflol

    Capture Software Suggestions

    Ik ga er van uit dat je je desktop wil opnemen, ik ga wel deze conversatie in het Engels verder doen zodat andere personen mee kunnen volgen. Like I said "example 'Dropbox.exe', but there can be several." vdeck.exe is something om my system (audio driver). In active 3D processes can be anything (https://i.imgur.com/qf0D38U.png) but everything in here must be added "Rivatuner Statistics Server" IF you want to record your desktop edit 1: I had to add all the following programs in order to record my desktop https://i.imgur.com/R9cZxta.png
  8. Zweeflol

    Capture Software Suggestions

    Yep, I'm from Belgium .... the Dutch side of Belgium
  9. Zweeflol

    Capture Software Suggestions

    Be sure to download the latest MSI afterburner here (I'm using v4.3.0) and RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server here (I'm using v6.6.0) (RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server is part of MSI afterburner and you need it) when done reboot. The skin I'm using is https://i.imgur.com/C7D2Elc.png In a Directx or openGL application or desktop ? if desktop then: 1) Go to MSI Afterburner, click on the info-icon and see what 'Active 3D processes' are running. example 'Dropbox.exe', but there can be several. https://i.imgur.com/qf0D38U.png 2) Go to Rivatuner Statistics Server. When you open it you see this big plus at the bottom left corner. (https://i.imgur.com/QRwSJy9.png) Add the programs listed by step 1 to the list and set their 'Application detection level' to None. (https://i.imgur.com/EXfoNaU.png) 3) Close MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner and start again. When you now go to the info-icon of MSI Afterburner you will see that the 'Active 3D processes' programs are 'gone' (as in they will not limit you, but still run). (https://i.imgur.com/wBJaGwf.png) 4) You can easily record your desktop
  10. Zweeflol

    Capture Software Suggestions

    I personally use MSI afterburner build-in video recorder with the NVIDIA H264 It can capture Directx, openGL, desktop. https://i.imgur.com/fgefN6K.png