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  1. If you dodge, “I won’t let them cut me”. If you protect someone, “I won’t let them die”. If you attack, “I’ll cut them”. Well can’t you see… … the resolve to cut you reflected in my sword? -Urahara Kisuke

  2. Don't worry about it bro :) I already got the dvd audio form season 2 and Im encoding the 1080p rips which I think are TV Blu-Ray. Im currently on episode 4 out of 12 since I wanted to watch the dub 480p version first, so probably around next week or the week after I should be done. ;)

  3. Hey bro I was wondering if you are going to encode infinite stratos Dub since It has already come out on blu ray. I would prefer 1080p encodes but 720ps are good as well. Cant wait to hear the dub cast for the season:):):)

  4. Hey bro just letting you know that Heaven's Lost Property season two is about to come on blu ray tommorrow. Are you going to do the encodes for this season? Well not download no one elses encodes except yours!!!!! You sir are a Master Encoder ;)

  5. Hey bro do you have fidelbd recent encodes of episodes 49-53? I was going to download the new versions since I have the old first releases which are very laggy and audio is a little crappy. But they were taken.

  6. Thanks man for the help downloading his encode right now your a life saver ;)

  7. I already have the 480p audio form the dub episode so all I need is the raw. As for the new batches I think fildeb will be doing them you should pm him.

  8. I just want the Japanese's raw if that's okay ill do the muxing my self its for my private enjoyment until leuchthezero comes out with his own.

  9. Hey bro I was wondering if you have episode 248 of bleach in 720p? I so please send me a download link I was waiting for LelouchTheZero encodes but for some reason he released his 720p encode with media fire but you have to be a premium user to access it so no go their. He has not updated his thread so Im guessing he is not going to use another file sharing service.

  10. Awesome thanks for the helping hand;)

  11. Sure send me the episode and I'll sync it for you bro;)

  12. I just pm him and told him that I would give him my upload links just in case he needed them and he told me he would get the audio form the dvd box sets;)

  13. NO F****cken WAY!!!!!! :0

  14. That's awesome news bro:) Take all the time you need;) your encodes are worth it;)

  15. That's because your an awesome up loader bro;)

  16. what do you mean? tracking down lol? :)

  17. Merry Christmas to you to bro;) Thanks for my Christmas present:)

  18. No not really;) as long as you split them so that im able to download them its what ever you think its necessary for the best video and audio quality;)

  19. Hey bro i just found a thread on cartoon world that dose bleach 720p pm me in cartoon world for the thread link if yoh are intrested;)

  20. Downloading Again;) Lets see your results:):):):)

  21. Downloading it now!;)

  22. Wow looks good bro;)

  23. Have add it bro;) I don't have the time to encode Naruto Shippuden episodes and Bleach episodes. And if you need help with encoding don't be afraid to ask me:)

  24. There soft subs so there fine ;-)

  25. thanks for the info

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