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  1. If you dodge, “I won’t let them cut me”. If you protect someone, “I won’t let them die”. If you attack, “I’ll cut them”. Well can’t you see… … the resolve to cut you reflected in my sword? -Urahara Kisuke

  2. IMMMMMM BACKKKK....i make my 5 month debut with the Blu-ray 1080p relase of naruto shippuden movie 3 DUAL-AUDIO, and of course in eye popping HD 1080p. Thats not all im also releasing Fafner the complete series in dual-audio HD...sigh feels good to be back. Anyway how you doing?

    1. Venom1561


      Awesome!!!! Now since hearing the good new:) Cant wait to see what else you upload;) You are just awesome.

  3. I have yet to see Black Butler But I hear its worth watching. I'll get to it soon, just finish watch Black Lagoon. Awesome Series I highly Recommend it!!!!!
  4. Im downloading New bleach episodes SWEET!!!!
  5. Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~. Wouldn't recommend it. Good for killing time though, or to watch while multi-tasking. Wow that's a first!!!!!!!! venom1561
  6. Don't worry about it bro :) I already got the dvd audio form season 2 and Im encoding the 1080p rips which I think are TV Blu-Ray. Im currently on episode 4 out of 12 since I wanted to watch the dub 480p version first, so probably around next week or the week after I should be done. ;)

  7. dame its not on asiandvdclub yet....sigh

  8. haven lost property seaon 2 sry im soooo late to respone

  9. seriously didnt know ill commence download tonight!!!! YEAHHHH

  10. Hey bro I was wondering if you are going to encode infinite stratos Dub since It has already come out on blu ray. I would prefer 1080p encodes but 720ps are good as well. Cant wait to hear the dub cast for the season:):):)

  11. Hey bro just letting you know that Heaven's Lost Property season two is about to come on blu ray tommorrow. Are you going to do the encodes for this season? Well not download no one elses encodes except yours!!!!! You sir are a Master Encoder ;)

  12. Sorry bro I had not bothered to pick them up yet, well that sucks for me guess we will have to wait for him to re-upload them.

  13. Hey bro do you have fidelbd recent encodes of episodes 49-53? I was going to download the new versions since I have the old first releases which are very laggy and audio is a little crappy. But they were taken.

  14. Thanks man for the help downloading his encode right now your a life saver ;)

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