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  1. Transformers Animated Japanese (Sub)

    Found the opening on YouTube which is subbbed
  2. Transformers Animated Japanese (Sub)

    I looking for the Japanese version for transformers animated which aired from April 3 2010 on to Tokyo
  3. The uk dvd and blu ray is now may 27th 2017
  4. Shout Factory have said that they are doing the dvds and blu ray release of digimon tri
  5. This sucks we have not heard from manga UK if they going to releasing it in cinemas for the UK
  6. Marvel Disk Wars The Avengers(DUBBED)

    No sign in the UK but can find the English dub preview on YouTube And why the dub episodes hard to find
  7. The UK release not coming out in Deecmber but it is coming out in march.
  8. hi

    i have been on this fourms for a long time