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  1. Hey WhoIsTheMilkMan! Can you chat for a bit on IRC, Skype, Facebook or anywhere else?

  2. Hey Super Index God,


    I recently renamed my edit of the Dragon Ball series from Dragon Ball RF  to Dragon Ball Recut and I was hoping that maybe you could also fix that on the Dual-Audio index page the next time you update it?


    The reason I renamed it is because the newest DBZ movie was titled Resurrection F, or RF  for short, so you can see how that proved to be problematic for me.


    Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate that, thank you.

    1. Sicka


      Ok i've changed it. :)

    2. WhoIsTheMilkMan


      Thank you so much!

  3. Hey WITMM, can you PM me your .ass subs for the DBox version of Dragon Ball that you used for your Dragon Ball Recut release?

    1. WhoIsTheMilkMan


      Unfortunately, I don't have those either, never did. To make my subs, I converted them straight from the Funimation DVDs into SRT and then synced them to the Dragon Box, and then I cut and synced those for my Dragon Ball Recut release, and then I converted those into the .ass format myself. So I never had .ass subs for the Dragon Box.

    2. iBreaker


      That's too bad. Although, your process of creating .ass subs sounds really appealing. I will talk to PDoggy if he's interested to follow a similar pattern.

  4. Do you happen to have .ass subs for DBox Z and DBox GT as well as the DBox movies?

    1. WhoIsTheMilkMan


      Unfortunately, no, I do not have subs for any of those at the moment.

    2. iBreaker


      I see. That's too bad cause I'm collecting sources for an upcoming project. If you find anything please let me know! :) Thanks WITMM!

    3. WhoIsTheMilkMan


      No problem! If I find anything, I'll let you know.

  5. I saw this on Christmas Day! Really enjoyed it, much more than I thought I was going to. True, some of the cruder stuff doesn't work as well, but overall I thought it was a damn funny film. James Franco really surprised me. I mean, I already knew he was capable of some great comedy via Pineapple Express, but he really impressed me this time around, had me in stitches.
  6. Excellent, thank you. I will label it and note what I changed in the topic.
  7. By "Fan Edit", I mean an individual's own personal edit of a show or movie. Fan edit - Wikipedia The edit that I am hoping to share, in question, is an anime that I went through and removed as much of the filler from that I possibly could. I used to share similar edits on the old Cartoon-World forum and I would love to share them here, but I figured I should check first to make sure that kind of thing is allowed before doing so.
  8. I recently completed my own edit of an anime series that I was hoping to share here on Kametsu, but I don't see anything in the rules regarding fan edits. Is such a thing allowed?
  9. The games, by a landslide. Those games (red/blue) were actually my introduction to Pokemon, which seems rare as most people I ask were introduced by the television show. I dabbled in a bit of everything when the craze was big--the cartoon, cards, manga--but I was hardcore into the games, and still find them to be immensely enjoyable. Everything else fell by the wayside as they were a product of the hype. I was never floored with the cartoon and stopped watching after about 15 episodes or so. I remember the manga being pretty cool, though. It had a lot of nice artwork and a darker story from what I remember.
  10. Well, hello everyone. Although I'm not a seasoned anime/manga vet as much as most of you here probably are, I've decided to join this wonderful community and hope to have a good time. As it is easiest, I will go through the questions as outlined in the Welcome thread. I can't remember exactly how I came across Kametsu as it was quite some time ago, but I believe it was through the old Cartoon-World forums that have since closed down. I think I was referred here once the site closed down? Not entirely sure. So far, the place seems great. Looks like a warm, welcoming (hopefully) community and I look forward to dinkin' around here for a while. I plan on being relatively active. The main reason I joined, actually, is because I just recently finished a fan project that I've been working on for the past year or so and this seems like an ideal place to share it. It was a rather large project that I mainly did for myself, but after all of the hard work I put into it, it would be a shame not to share it with others who may appreciate it as well. Again, I'm not as well-versed in the area of anime as I would like to be (there are a lot of series I plan on watching at some point) so I don't really have a top five. As far as television series go, I'm only familiar with Dragon Ball. I've seen quite a few anime films, though, and some of my favorites are The Wind Rises, Metropolis, Akira, Millennium Actress, and most anything else done by Satoshi Kon or Hayao Miyazaki. Video games, I'm a little better with. I'm a long-time Sonic The Hedgehog fan (Sonic 3 & Knuckles being my favorite), and I love both Jet Set Radio games. Nights Into Dreams is good along with Toejam and Earl. On the Nintendo side of things, Pokemon Blue/Red/Green and Gold/Silver/Crystal are classics, along with any Zelda or Mario game. Psychonauts is another favorite of mine, as evidenced by my username. I tend to perform a lot, whether it be singing or stand up comedy or something similar. I love music, that's always been a big hobby of mine. Well, I think that gives you a pretty solid introduction. God knows it's the most thorough introduction I've ever given to an online community. I look forward to hanging around here and sharing with you all.
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