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  1. S1 of Maken-Ki was alright. S2 was total shit.
  2. Should be noted, we are working on Tekkaman Blade, and currently only doing it subbed. It was edited for TV in the states, so it is heavily cut (43 episodes, from 49). We have plans do to the dub version, too, but it'll come after we finish the subbed.
  3. Jump in a hole.
  4. Maybe this week. Someone poke me if I don't have it out by Saturday.
  5. Yeah. I think I am.
  6. KO NO SU BA 2! (Didn't S1 win already, or am I going insane?)
  7. Can we get SJ to voice the MC in the eng dub?
  8. KO NO SU BA 2
  9. https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=913031 Still missing a few.
  10. RIP NukuServ|Archive <3
  11. share
  12. Maybe this'll mean a S3 would be possible.
  13. Boobs \o/
  14. I'm currently hunting down all of the FMA 2003 "parody" episodes, by Chopsticks / A_M. AFAIK, only 16 episodes were parodied (not including the movie), and I am missing eps 31/33/34/40/48. (THANKS!!!! to Puma D Ace for providing me with most of the eps!) If anyone has them, please please let me know! Also, I'll be uploading the other episodes sometime soon. AniDB link - https://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=979