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  1. GB6-__H - The Awareness (Recording).mpg_fixed (04).mp4 It's not much better, still missing ~10 seconds on 01:33 mark, but video and audio are not reencoded (done with VideoReDo).
  2. Yeah sure. Clean rerun recording would be better.
  3. What tool did you use to trim the source file? Resulting mp4 file has 30 fps which indicates that video was reencoded. VideoReDo TVSuite or SolveigMM Video Spitter can trim mostly without reencoding.
  4. Is the source file 25 fps?
  5. 01:55-02:05 is corrupted.
  6. All 20 aired episodes are uploaded.
  7. https://www.cartoonnetwork.com/video/summer-camp-island/episodes/index.html Probably on app too.
  8. DTS-HD MA 5.1 & 2.0 bewarecipher
  9. Dulus_No

    Help Ripping from Boomerang

    Open it in Subtitle Edit and save as srt.
  10. Dulus_No

    Help Ripping from Boomerang

    WebVTT in mkv is less compatible than SRT.
  11. Summer Camp Island - Oscar and Hedgehog's First Day (Clip).mp4 (episode title - The First Day) Summer Camp Island - Searching For Yetis (Clip).mp4 (episode title - Saxophone Come Home) Summer Camp Island - Camp Merit Badges (Clip).mp4 (episode title - Chocolate Money Badgers)
  12. Dulus_No

    [SOLVED] Python Error Youtube-DL

    I had a similar error with Python 3.6.3 and pyinstaller and this helped me: https://github.com/pyinstaller/pyinstaller/issues/2125#issuecomment-329622411