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  1. blondvillain

    AT season 9

    I think technically they've broken off the finally 13 episodes and designated as season 10. All but the series finale has either aired or been made available on torrent sites/usenet.
  2. Yeah absolutely, YR is always decent and I have quite of few of their video encodes archived. I was just mentioning the SR comparison because it was in the discussion. I can't remember if I ever looked at YR's encode for the main series episodes, but I did have their encode of the OVA eps and I replaced them with BR's encode which I deemed superior when it was released, so the comparison probably holds true for main series as well. If he doesn't, I've got the episodes BR has completed so far muxed with styled subs from OCZ's release, FLAC audio, and retail PGS. Pretty sure I acquired TrueHD and retail subs from ShaqSalazar's release. So anyways, once BR finishes encoding, I'll publish my work if Koby doesn't already have dibs.
  3. IMO Beatrice's new 10-bit is the best. If you're seeing color discrepancies between 10-bit and 8-bit encodes culled from the same source, you probably have a configuration issue, or need to use a different player. For instance, VLC will render color differently for 8-bit and 10-bit video that would otherwise appear identical if played back in a more capable player like MPC with LAV filters. For anyone interested, I just compared the first episode from the Salender-Raws encode against Beatrice-Raws and the Beatrice wins hands-down. I think the following comparison pretty well sums it up: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/118618 Hopefully Beatrice will finish encoding the rest of the series soon!
  4. @mikezilla2 Note in OP says he is currently not taking requests
  5. seems to vary depending on player. in MPC with LAV filters, there is no difference in brightness and yan is cleaner and more detailed. here's a representative example: https://diff.pics/cdM9vqgZtmqu/1 but let's leave Catar's thread alone now about this baccano stuff.
  6. That's odd, I didn't notice any big differences in brightness when I was comparing. Do you have any timestamps I can look at?
  7. @Dragoncb234 Did you ever upload your remux? I don't see it on AB
  8. I'm not familiar with Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, but I just checked AB and there's a 720p encode by Raizel you might want to check out. I've seen nothing but excellence from them.
  9. Well sure, I prefer nicely styled 100%, but I usually like to include PGS as well if they're readily available, because why not?
  10. Yeah it's a pretty good release overall, great 1080p video, high bit-rate and nicely filtered, best I've seen for my tastes, FLAC dual audio, and retail PGS subs. Combined with your enhanced styled subs and slightly different chapter timing (which I preferred over yan's) and I think it's archival.
  11. https://share.dmhy.org/topics/view/368748_yan04000985_2007_Baccano!_2007_BDrip_1080p_10bit.html I don't think it can be patched, since it's the entire video stream, reasonably high bit rate (CRF 16.5 mbtree=0 I believe) I already remuxed it with your subs + PGS retail for full dialogue. Kept FLAC dual audio from yan's release, but yours matched up perfectly according to Audacity so no adjustment to subs timing. However, the difference in video quality might be subjective here, so I'll let you come to your own conclusions and if you want to reissue an updated Dragon-Releases remux using the yan video, then I'll pass on uploading my remux.
  12. Yes, I specifically meant yan04000985 vs KR (via Dragon-Releases' remux) when I said I did a comparison. My preference is for the yan04000985 encode, it's tighter and cleaner and nicely detailed.
  13. Thanks for the reply! I did a comparison and for me yan04000985 is the winner. I might do a remux with DR's subs if anyone is interested.