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  1. TheLastOfUs

    Resident Evil 7

    That trailer REALLLLY didn't make me want to ever play Resident Evil again. Hahah "Go tell aunt roady"....really? Really Capcom? I'm preeeeeeeeeeettttay sure Aunt Roady already knows everyone is frikken dead ALREADY!!
  2. TheLastOfUs

    Anton Yelchin Dead

    God damn...just saw Green Room a few months ago. Was always a fan of his work. Sad to hear all about this http://www.tmz.com/2016/06/19/star-trek-anton-yelchin-dead/
  3. I'm done. Bye all!

    1. Mr. Kimiko
    2. LS77


      @Mr. Kimiko argument with/deal backed out on by DawnShadow apparently

    3. Mr. Kimiko
  4. TheLastOfUs

    Capcom Reveals 'Resident Evil 7' and a trailer

    Go telll aunt roadyyyy that everybodyyyss Deadddddddddddddddd *fell asleep*
  5. Anyone interested in becoming exclusive previewers to my encodes?


    You get early access in exchange for critique on the episodes.

    1. Darkshadow6400


      I suppose I could. Depends how much episodes I'd have to critique a week.

  6. Timon and PUWMBAAAAAA!!!

    1. TheLastOfUs


      My 900th time hearing the theme song.

  7. TheLastOfUs

    'Ducktales' reboot coming in 2017

    I for one am not excited about these new ....graphic artist looking cartoon formats Disney is releasing in terms of remasters. They seem so processed, sharp, and computer animated, whereas the original ones seemed to have more of a hand drawn quality. I don't think I'll ever be watching this.
  8. Absolutely agree with this. @Koby
  9. Please upload the Disney Hercules HDTV you have.

  10. Got your power chord yet? Waiting on Aladdin intently :still_dreaming:

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    2. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      Well I bet it would have been here faster if I paid $79 from Apple themselves. But I found an alternate way to get it for $24 with no official Packaging

    3. TheLastOfUs


      Oh Apple


      Say no more. Say Kimiko - do you read fluent Japanese?

    4. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      No but I'm willing to learn especially since my friend is sending me two Japanese novels

  11. TheLastOfUs

    Games you regret buying/playing

    Uncharted 4 Hah...even I didn't believe that one!
  12. TheLastOfUs

    Advice on New GPU

    1080GTX or wait for 1080GTXTi. The Ti is coming and it will have 12GB VRAM.
  13. Aladdin topic post. Thx!

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    2. TheLastOfUs


      The 1st aladdin episode i downloaded had superior sound and a great picture. German cap?


    3. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      yes a german rip, but some eps had no english track, had to find a new one or reconstruct one.

    4. TheLastOfUs


      Reconstruct....geeze. Thanks so much man. I love Aladdin so to be able to watch it again would be amazing for me!! Hopefully you like Hercules :P I'm working on the rips myself frame-by-frame sync.

  14. TheLastOfUs

    MEGA Enforcing File Limit

    I highly suggest people "import" their excess files from 1 mega account to another to avoid an entire account from getting deleted. They are starting enforcement for free accounts over 50GB+. The Import function is essentially a Cloud Drive to Cloud Drive 1:1 copy which is super fantastic. Definitely the way of the future.
  15. TheLastOfUs

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Dying Light - digital. Played it. Day/Night cycle not realtime - closed it - burned it - done.
  16. TheLastOfUs


    Does anyone have an invite to BitHD or BitSD? Would love to join it but also need it to contact CtrlSD/HD there. Thanks, TLOU
  17. TheLastOfUs

    MEGA Enforcing File Limit

    Indeed....seems MEGA.co.nz is gonna go to shit soon.
  18. TheLastOfUs

    MEGA Enforcing File Limit

    Suddenly I have download speeds maxing out at 200 KB/s ...not sure what happened to MEGA in the past few days..but my download speeds there have become legit crippled when downloading from someone else's folder. It's sad
  19. TheLastOfUs

    MEGA Enforcing File Limit

    Still...best not to take a risk. Limitless said 1 of his friends had over 700 GB of content uploaded..and we know how slow MEGA's upload speed is/capped at. It would be wise to avoid that worry. I recently moved a lot of my uploads to newer accounts/links and updated them. Now I'm in the clear.
  20. TheLastOfUs

    Local co-op on Xbox One?

    You guys understand why this is the case right? >inb4somesaysdevsaregreedyandwantmorepeopletobuytheirgame The reason is because in shooting games (ex: Halo, COD, etc.) for each additional player the game has to completely generate a whole seperate map for that player to interact in. In essence the game runs multiple times, doing this limits what the game can do. By removing co-op you allow the system to perform under less strain which in turn makes for better performance. I was aware of this as well. And I agree about the whole world being regenerated schpeil as well. It's just the sad reality the games with local multiplayer are dying out.
  21. TheLastOfUs

    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    Pics or didn't happen BITCH LOL
  22. TheLastOfUs

    Local co-op on Xbox One?

    Most games are dying in terms of couch/local co-op. Sadly...
  23. TheLastOfUs

    Which NOVEMBER game will YOU buy?

    You have the following choices: 1. Dragon Age Inquisition 2. Super Smash Bros - Wii U 3. Assassin's Creed: UNITY 4. Far Cry 4 5. Grand Theft Auto V For me - It's 1,2,5. I saved up
  24. TheLastOfUs

    Which NOVEMBER game will YOU buy?

    So do you all still want to buy Unity & Far Cry 4?