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  1. yeah thats where im based and still post every so often just trying to share something here if people still want em i know its an old format but i'm keeping something of it alive i hope
  2. I will be posting cartoons & anime customs here if people want them http://kametsu.com/i...om-umd-iso-psp/ i have started it off with Marvel's Blade Animated Series if no interest for these i will not post anymore
  3. i use my psp at work just for movies as i can create these custom umd iso's my vita just sitting gathering dust waiting for a permanent hack (which i dont think will ever happen now)
  4. I will be posting some customs UMD movies here soon When i say "Custom UMD Movies" these play exactly like a Retail UMD movie but are an iso not a physical UMD Disc. they have full working menu's with switchable audio & subtitles (where applicable) but they do vary in size and can go up to 2gb in size max here is a list of some of the Customs that i have already uploaded but not yet posted here (in no particular order) Pacific Rim Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 The Chronicles Of Riddick - Dark Fury Captain Pugwash Despicable Me 2 One Crazy Summer Turbo Room On The broom Weird Al Yankovic The Ultimate Video Collection Black Rock Shooter Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters Kung Pow - Enter The Fist Oceans 12 Wreck-it Ralph Skyfall Freaked Men At Work The Lorax Lego Star Wars collection Killer Klowns From Outer Space (re-make coming soon with extras) RED 2 Disney's Frozen Kick Ass 2 The Blues Brothers Stories Behind The Making Of The Blues Brothers Shrek's Thrilling Tales Disney's Planes Convoy Iron Man 3 Warm Bodies Django Unchained The Powerpuff Girls Movie The Croods Journey 2 The Mysterious Island The Animatrix Fast & Furious 6 Cactus Jack Helldriver Promethius Battleship Oblivion Ice Age 4- Continetal Drift Starship Troopers Invasion Grabbers The Green Berets Weird Science Evil Dead III - The Army Of Darkness Director's Cut The Avengers Assemble Cheech & Chongs Animated Movie Mars Attacks Beverly Hills Cop Basil The Great Mouse Detective Cat Shit One The Animated Series Escape From Planet Earth Hellboy Animated - Sword of Storms Hellboy Animated - Blood & Iron Family Guy Something Something Something Darkside Family Guy - It's A Trap Godzilla + The Legendary Godzilla (uploading tomorrow) Jason & The Argonauts Toy Story Of Terror Demolition Man Journey To The West - Conquering The Demons The Lego Movie Ride Along Play Dirty Blazing Saddles The Dark Knight Rises these are just a few of what i have uploaded all ready to go and i have loads more and i have loads of retail UMD Movie Back-ups I will be posting cartoons & anime customs here if people want them http://kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/45908-marvels-blade-animated-series-custom-umd-iso-psp/ i have started it off with Marvel's Blade Animated Series if no interest for these i will not post anymore
  5. i have made several anime series and some hentai customs i've also grabbed some anime from here to make future customs if allowed i will post here
  6. hi guys i was just wondering how many people still use there PSP's if you still use it, what do you use it for? For Games For movies I have an original Phat PSP & a PSP Go running CFW i don't use it for games but i watch movies on it and i make custom UMD movies with full working menu's i have made loads of customs and still make them to this day i even make series customs whether it be cartoons, anime, real action if allowed and there is a demand for these i'll post some here and i even do requests
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    straight to the point...Hi
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