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  1. The title says it all; which (if any) Final Fantasy world would you want to live in? Why? FFVII: to be able to make as much as you want killing things outside of a town would rule (and then being able to live anywhere you want with very easy means ).
  2. I am Christian, and unfortunately to argue the belief of a higher God to a humanist I have to use a humanist tongue. 1) Scientific principle; life can only come from life. So the idea of a lightning bolt hitting a bunch of amino acids/a big boom is a little askew. 2) The complete improbability of an ecosystem as complete and as functional as ours, where one life supports another. Think about it; if evolution were true then wouldn't there only be one race? Eventually one group would evolve beyond the others and kill them all. And then I guess there wouldn't be any races because that one would die of starvation (lol). And anyway, since you found bones of mal-shapened human and apes (possibly humans also?) that doesn't prove evolution. That proves you found bones of people/apes in the past that either could be evolution or could be random living things. The assumption of evolution is based off of just that; this looks like it became that, which looks like it became that, which looks like us. To me I see this a separate way; a lone couch outside is soaking wet. Sure, there's a possibility that some random kids doused it with water but I'm betting it rained last night . 3) Atheists have set out to prove the Bible's geographically wrong and failed. Others have taken the dimensions of the arc and said that it would be true to form using today's methods. If all you had to go on back then is the word of what is unseen when you are "cave men" and it works out I would be more tempted to believe . 4) People have given accounts over the years as Christians of how God helped them through their tough times. I myself ask God for what I need and, more often than not, I get it. Asking for money is nothing compared to asking for relief of pain; and anyway, why money? It won't buy you pain relief, comfort you when your sad, wake you up when your at work, or help you to focus, so why bother? What I'm trying to say is, people have given their accounts over time, some even spanning generations. True that some may be liars but the odds are on the side of truth here; it would just be improbable otherwise. 5) "Atheists" If they were truly atheists, would look at a Christian in the midst of their faith and shrug, saying something to the effect of "good for you" even if they are looked down upon. Why are you mad? Why is Christianity the only religion you feel the need to crack? Sound reasoning?
  3. Crap man... One of the scariest things I've seen in a while.
  4. Lol. I prefer money. Just send that .
  5. Eeeehh... ok. I'll shave my face once a week but that's it. My chest hair stays.
  6. I'm sorry to bring this up after so long but, yeah. Ray, are you saying the people of your school were making this out to think that a connection existed because of the fact of a black community?
  7. Wish granted. Unfortunately he kills you because you have no control over him and he takes back his soul. =D I wish everybody had their significant other.
  8. If you could be in the FF universe of old what class would you be? I'd be a knight - high hit points, best armor and a very good weapon
  9. It was likely an Inuyasha episode, or maybe yu yu hakusho? I can't remember >,<.
  10. Man your cruel O.o After consulting the trustee calendar... I *may* be working (I asked for Thursdays off but eh).
  11. Bottomline; where (when?) were you when you beat that FF game? For me I can only remember the following; FFVII: In my brother's room, past 11pm in 6th grade, with my mother yelling at me to get to bed. The next day I was depressed, thinking I had nothing more to look forward too. Boy was I wrong FFIV: Having a friend over on a rare off-shoot at a try at the final boss. I had just gotten out of high school not a few months prior.
  12. While I know this is a mine field I think I'll wade out anyway. Christianity has it right. Serving the supreme being (the Father) will bring joy to you, you just have to acknowledge His existence and that of the Trinity. I say it for those willing to take it. I have heard the mundane "So believing in something that doesn't exist." and acknowledge it. All I have to offer you is those living in Christ have the best lives, as they have the happiness he bestows. You won't understand until you make the effort, if your willing, and realize it for yourself. Until then, welcome to emptiness.
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