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    Can I get some Magical Girls???

    There's Princess Tutu and Cardcaptor: Sakura, which are classics. Revolutionary Girl Utena is considered to be the spiritual predecessor to Madoka Magika. Personally, I'm not a fan of the magical girl genre, and my opinion on these 3 series isn't that high. However, these series are considered "fundamentals" if you were to go look them up on anime sites. Although not considered a magical girl anime, I would recommend Sunday Without God. It has considerable aspects of a magical girl anime, despite being a post-apocalyptic, fantasy drama. However, you're enjoyment of this series may be influenced by your religious beliefs.
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    Thank you, for your quick response.
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    I apologize if this question was asked. However, I searched, and couldn't find anything in regards to this (although, I didn't spend that much time looking through it). At this time, the donations page is down, so I don't know if this has changed. Will you, please, consider donations from paypal? I don't recall all the venues where I can make donations, and I don't use any of those venues. Thank you, in advanced, for your replies.
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    Don't mind me

    Hello, I usually just lurk, so don't mind me.