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  1. Hello Ryutai! Which one was your release of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun? The one labeled with Winter or Moby JJ?

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    2. ColdFlaMes


      Yours seems to be the most decent release on nyaa, and it was also uploaded on BakaBT so what I said must be true xD.

      Anyway, why aren't the 720p specials not in listed in any of the bots on https://xdcc.kametsu.com/?

    3. Ryutai


      Ah fair enough, and I'm sorry I don't have involvement on that side of things at all (xdcc or any other mirrors for that matter). I currently don't have the ability to upload and I don't think I have the files anymore since a new release wouldn't be patchable anyways. When I'm finished with stuff I'm doing for other people I'll take a look at it.

    4. ColdFlaMes
  2. Hello! Do you still have a copy of One Piece - Infiltration! Thousand Sunny?

    The mega link that you posted in your thread is dead. And I can't find any other release.



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    2. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      Anything else I'm here to help.

    3. ColdFlaMes


      no, i got everything already except trap coaster since it wasn't released online. thanks a bunch bro! :D

    4. ColdFlaMes


      btw, do you know where the rest of the specials and movies would fit in?

      Specials: Episode of Merry, 3D2Y, Episode of Sabo, Adventuer of Nebulandia, Heart of Gold

      Movies & Featurette: Film Gold, Film Gold - Episode 0

      Koby's thread isn't updated anymore:

      Insert other media

  3. hello!


    Is there any update about the Dragon Ball Ultimate Edition you were talking about in this post?



    I would also like to know the details about what it contains...

    I'll wait for the Ultimate Edition (if it's still ongoing) or download DBNL's releases (if the project's dead).



    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      I help form a team to work on it.


      As of now I have dropped from the ranks. Plus our main source where we were uploading all of our content will be shutting down shortly. So I have no idea what the team is doing, because last I checked they were trying to get Every resource imaginable for Dragon Ball.

    2. ColdFlaMes


      Oh, I see. That is sad to hear. :(

      Thanks for replying, though! :D

    3. mikezilla2


      a Cloud service ?

  4. ColdFlaMes


    Hello everyone! i'm a new here... (obviously) xDDD hope to get along with everyone in the forum