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  1. It's a great anime. You should watch it though it's a little slow at the start. But after that, you get hooked.
  2. shahrose

    Convert 10-bit to 8-bit?

    I found this script and it works great with ffmpeg PUSHD %~dp0 if [%1]==[] goto :eof :loop ffmpeg -i %1 -map 0 -c:v libx264 -preset fast -crf 21 -maxrate 250M -bufsize 250M -level 4.1 -c:a copy -c:s copy "%~dpn1_[8bit-h264].mkv" shift if not [%1]==[] goto loop
  3. shahrose

    Convert 10-bit to 8-bit?

  4. How can you convert a video which is in 10-bit to an 8-bit video without much loss in quality and small increase in size. It will quite helpful if someone could give me a guide.
  5. I'll say thanks for making donations

  6. I liked 1.sword art online. 1.black lagoon 1.Stein's gate 1.gurren lagoon 1.fullmetal alchemist brotherhood 1.honey and clover 2.highschool of the dead 2.death note 2.spice and wolf 2.highschool dxd 2.attack of the titan 2.blassreiter 3.eden of the east 3.eureka 7 3.code gease 3.Romeo x Juliet 3.baka and test 4.tower of druga
  7. shahrose

    looking for something like Tokyo Ghoul

    I would say highschool dxd ,highschool of the dead, blassreiter,honey and clover (comedy/slice of life/no eechi)my favourite slice of life anime,gurren lagaan,sword art online or log horizon,code grease and Baka and test. All of these are dubbed.
  8. shahrose

    i am new