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  1. hey man sorry didn't notice any notifications what was what you wanted? Now I am available and sorry again I see you posted 2 times and the funny that I found that I had 2 friend request also.

  2. can you do me a favor

  3. jimbei might be a good and unique add to the straw hats and hanckok to 3 girls don't know but a new nakama would be awesome
  4. have seen the previews and don't understand nothing of it well the point is I saw the episode 0 and looks awesome so waiting is all I can do but why if the naruto and bleach movies came out early this one has to be slow thats what bothers me but oooo well
  5. Franky15

    One Piece

    if you put in google One Piece torrent youll find one of One Piece 1-300,One Piece 301-350, One Piece 351-400 and another one forgot name thats how I download it complete because one for one you won't find. I suggest stop watching it in dub because the took away some episodes away because of censorial things if i remember correctly like the giants arc and in the future episodes you wont understand because thats the thing in One Piece the first episodes link up with the new and so on and the changed things. Its better in sub the fights are more understandable. The torrent Im seeding I would give you the link but don't know how to do it lol sorry.
  6. lol thats because the arabasta arc stinks or sucks both are good answers. Theres to much drama although the last fight Luffy and Crocodile is a good one at least but you got a point. In the 9 i liked it because of gear second and the ending song and because Franky's there.
  7. well in those episodes focuses more on the finding of nakama in my opinion. After the arabasta arc where another nakama joins the fights get MORE interesting where every nakama gets a strong ooponent but thats along the 220 around there if I remember correctly. The fights are somewhat funny but definitely unique all thanks to the devil fruits and randomness of the straw hats. Presently there are 9 nakama with Luffy including his ship all specializing in something like sniper swordsman or devil fruit user etc so don't worry the fights get interesting from there and don't downgrade in awesomeness believe me. And yes presently the nakamas are separated but against their will so if you wanna find out more I really suggest you keep watching the first episodes are somewhat boring I know. you may got a point that the fights are not like dbz all out in power I give you that but just like Bleach in One Piece the more the story advances the characters get stronger and release attacks you didn't think of and power ups similar to shikai or bankai in Bleach keep watching it is a really good anime and Bleach is awesome and Naruto Shippuden thats one thing I can't deny
  8. My favortite must be Luffy his way of fighting and slow on uptakes next Franky and what coincidence when I see the anime that theres a character named like me and to boot his hyper and crazy almost like me im not that extreme. Well Zoro's loyalty to Luffy and impressive scary face sometimes and last but not least Sanji although in the last episodes didnt like what he transformed to but like his way of fighting with his legs not hands (diable jamble)
  9. good tastes I mean about Gundam Seed I havent seen Girls Bravo what is it about and is it in english dub I watched Zatch Bell but not entirely.
  10. good tastes but for me now is: 1-Bleach 2-One Piece 3-Get Backers 4-Gundam 5-Soon DBZ
  11. 1- Bleach 2- Gundam Seed 3- Naruto 4- Saiyuki 5- Get Backers 6- Code Geass 7- Gundam 00 8-Gundam Wing 9- G Gundam 10- Lupin The 3rd
  12. Is this season is going to be dubbed and if it is when?
  13. I saw it in Cartoon Networks toonami in english dub and it was great do you know where I can download it.
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