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  1. lowcku

    Obtaining Manag

    thanks for the info ashven but, i'm lost. i looked on line, and found a video on how to register but when i go to login to manga.madokami.al it won't let me in. I've tried the login from the link you sent and the one i made and all i got was bupkis. any suggestions?
  2. lowcku

    Obtaining Manag

    Thanks ill try it out. I've never used IRC before is it hard?
  3. lowcku

    Obtaining Manag

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good way to get Manga, either by Chapter or by volume, in Zip or rar form. i have a few that i started a long time ago and can't seem to finish getting a hold of a few chapter i missed. Can some on point me to a good manga site like Stop Tazmo use to be, or i may be just dumb and we have a section here. Please help and thanks in advance.
  4. lowcku

    Hi all lowcku here

    Hi Lowcku here, just saying hey to everyone. so why I'm here. I love anime!!!!!, games, making game with RPGmaker and long walks on the beach. if your confused by now that is good. life too short to be thinking all the I'm just have fun. peace.