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  1. School-Live Probably one of the worst shows I've watched. The cute girls do cute things concept numbs my brain and the zombie presence wasn't even necessary.
  2. That anime 101 video is pretty cool. Must of taken a while to do that.
  3. Well growing up I tried watching Cardcaptor Sakura as it was on TV but never finished the series. So one bored afternoon 2 months ago, I decided to finish it (15 years or so later). Then with a bit of browsing I discovered Sakura was in another anime called Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. After that I just continued and now I'm watching a new series every week. Though I did watch Dragonball Z growing up but who didn't.
  4. No Game No Life 9/10 - Animation and artwork was superb. Very much enjoyed the way this one looked. The story is somewhat rehashed but it progresses well and so do the characters. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the series as well as any dub versions to come.
  5. Wildstar Dungeon Siege 3... Shared screen on PC...lol Stronghold 3... So many bugs
  6. I've recently acquired Divinity: Original Sin. Been doing it co-operatively and it's been very challenging at the start. Had to use a walkthrough just to help move us along the right path since I'm no good with these non-linear RPG's. I do recommend it for any one interested in RPG's. Though it is a bit slow being turn based combat.
  7. Clannad + Afterstory Madoka Magica Angel Beats! All made me cry
  8. Hanten

    Welcome me!

    How did you find Kametsu? www.myanimelist.net What do you think of the place so far? Seems like another helpful and friendly place How active are you planning on being? Will be browsing everyday What are your top five anime? Dragonball Z, Modaka Magica, Clannad, Highschool DxD and Sword Art Online Top five video games? Dota2 What other hobbies do you have? 4 Wheel Driving Make any graphics? nope Do you have any questions for us? nope
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