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  1. Thanks for welcome ^^ In ICT, I use English for search and reading but not many for write or speak (so it is a little difficult). But I continue to try ^^
  2. Hi, Im arsenelupin. I'm a fan of animes and mangas and I do sometimes projects (animes / dramas like). I find Kametsu with the help of Mr. Kimiko that help me with the project of Hikaru No Go. I'm generaly not very actif in forums, but I read my mails ^^ For top five animes, I will say: Suzuka, DN Angel, Monster, Elfen Lied and Code Geass. And for video games: Zelda 1 (NES), Zelda 2 (NES), Super Mario Bros 3 (NES), Age of empire and Red alert. My hobbies are ICT, reading and animes ^^ If you have question, don't worry to ask. (Sorry for my English, but it is not my "native" langage).
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