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  1. Green Arrow. I'm DC biased when it comes to the animated series but live action, I'd probably pick Renner's Hawkeye. DC or Marvel?
  2. Stage fright, I'd probably be shaking in my boots, rambling on and making a fool of myself but there's immediate relief once you're off the stage. I already suffer from anxiety so I know how bad it can get, you're just mentally messed up. Doesn't feel good, the negative feelings linger even when things are supposedly back to normal. Spring or Fall?
  3. I guess it depends, if the long way is safer I'd take it. But I usually prefer the quickest route and alleyways don't faze me or maybe it's because I haven't come across any shifty people lol so yeah shortcut Digital or vinyl?
  4. While I love and appreciate the effort that goes into the production of both, I do prefer anime. Anime feels more alive, there's voice actors, music and colour that bring it to life. Manga is like my reference point, something I go back to to get the full story experience that the anime lacks at times.
  5. I'm usually not too picky when it comes to anime quality, 720p is ideal but recently I was trying to figure out which Doki Clannad release I should archive and found 1080p to be lifechanging. Also, I wished I checked out the 1080p first cause I made the mistake of dling the 480 and 720p release instead! Idiot.
  6. I'm probably the same with Koby. I grew up watching the DiC Sailor Moon + R dub and Nelvana Cardcaptors dub and I could never finish rewatching the series in Japanese because I preferred the dub. For Sailor Moon S and above, I watched the original series with subs though (I didn't enjoy the dubs anymore) As I starting watching more anime series I grew to like the original Japanese version more, it felt more natural and authentic. Sometimes I find English voice actors tend to exaggerate too much and it just sounds off. So you wouldn't catch me watching any English dub anime unless it's an old series I grew up watching.
  7. I prefer hardsubs because I tend to watch things from my TV/Bluray player and they can't replicate the pretty typesetting.
  8. Soz to get in the way of your bromance boys haha Air Hockey, I actually haven't played pool before Daytime or nighttime?
  9. You can stream it on Youtube. The official channel has uploaded the first two full seasons and they're sporadically uploading S03-S05... dunno what's up with that
  10. I'd like to see this too but it hasn't been on TV in years and I contacted SLR Productions and they said there were no plans to broadcast or redistribute the show. Maybe if there were a lot of people showed interest they might release it someday: http://www.slrproductions.com/about/contact-details/
  11. Ahh I just finished watching the series for a second time ~ still gives me chills *_* I actually got my friend to watch the first couple of eps and asked her if she had a clue who the murderer was but she didn't know T_T Spiral which is ep 8. is my favourite: and I just love the theme song <3 The opening of ep 11 was quite spooky ~
  12. Shugo Chara!! Doki Shugo Chara! Party! Hello ~ Does anyone have the Hatsuyuki & Fubuki / Kirakira subbed Doki episodes and the Chihiro subbed Party episodes? (Preferably in 720p but if lower it's good too) If these could be shared on MEGA/Amazon/OneDrive it'd be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  13. Yeah I saw that last night after you shared the Rainbow Fish playlist (thanks for that btw!) but it's a different series.
  14. Does anyone have this series? If so, it'd be great if they could share it on mega or onedrive ~ Thanks in advance!
  15. I've uploaded the first 36 episodes here: http://kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/51832-mega-hamtaro-dvdrips-1-36/