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  1. aisteru1

    What is the rarest Xbox/Playstation game you have?

    A quick ebay search says the rarest PS2 game I have is the original persona 3 (not FES) that comes with the hardcover artbook. I bought used it before I realized there was an FES version. Now I have both of them. I never owned an Xbox.
  2. aisteru1

    Hello All

    The storytelling and gameworld are great. A lot of the quests are really interesting and hard. I like how you can be any class and one character can learn everything. The greatest drawbacks are the somewhat weak combat and it doesn't matter that much what faction you pick, you just get different commentary on the quests you do.
  3. aisteru1

    Hello All

    Hello, Just found this place from a link from a torrent on Nyaa. I never heard of it before. I don't plan to be very active and just came to find downloads but who knows things might change. I don't have a "top five" Anime since I like many of them for different reasons but this is some of my favorites. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Puella Magi Madoka Magica Little Busters! Log Horizon Tears to Tiara Favorite Video games: Lord of the Rings Online The Secret World Civilization V Tomb Raider (2013) Legend of Zelda I also read... a lot... and do some video editing on the side. Questions... Hmm... What makes Kametsu so great? Other than the tagline of friendliest. Convince me to be more active in the community.