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  1. yetiverse

    Best Argument Ever!

    Rick Falkvinge has other articles on TF as well. Every article he writes on there is practically mind-blowing. Over the past couple of years of reading TF, his articles have always been the most astute. Glad to see other people here interested in copyright issues. The more who know, the more difference can be made.
  2. yetiverse

    "Rare" Dragon Ball Z Dub?

    So I contacted the seller. He sent me this back saying these are clips of it. I'm probably not gonna waste my money on it. As ShinGaijin stated, it looks to be the Mandarin dub. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f54_6j_Kk10 Seller also sent me a link to a site he runs.. which I admit, the website style gave me a shivering case of nostalgia. If you guys are curious at all: http://dragonballfansub.com/Thanks for the input, everybody. Curiosity settled. Wish it could've been something more.
  3. yetiverse

    "Rare" Dragon Ball Z Dub?

    I'm just going to cut to the chase. Looking for rare DBZ stuff. Come across this. Description claims "Rare Box Set." http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dragon-Ball-Z-DBZ-RARE-Collectable-Import-Movies-Dragonball-Z-Japanese-/111454474313?pt=US_Movies_Other_Formats&hash=item19f3345049 I'm curious here, as I know these aren't the Speedy Videos (at least, they don't look anything like them). I'd be more than willing to pitch in for the bulk of the price and buy them... that is, if they're not already here or there's something I've missed. Anyone else ever seen them? Worth it? UPDATE: Missed something important.. last word in the title.. "Japanese" ... however, still a re-dub, still rare, still curious if anyone knows anything about it.
  4. yetiverse

    New site in the works

    Oh wow, this looks really neat. Hopefully by the 10th(?) when my Flattr donation goes through I can get bumped up to Donator status . I would definitely feel more comfortable uploading content because it's not way out in the open. C&Ds aren't really ideal...
  5. yetiverse

    Acheiving donator status?

    Gotcha, thanks for the replies, everyone. I guess I just have to wait it out, then? My name didn't come up in the donate page, either. Thought it was a little weird I had to use a twitter account to donate, as well, but I do what I gotta.
  6. I was having problems with Gittip on my computer, so I used Flattr instead. I know it's a small increment, but it's all I have as of now (€5). Anyhow, I couldn't find any information anywhere, but I was wondering how much is needed in order to obtain donator status?
  7. A simple poll to determine what people like better, as far as the score goes. Tell us why, if you so choose. My personal opinion for Z is Faulconer's score (just made the whole thing feel more intense and action-packed). For Kai, I have to say I prefer Kikuchi's score, just from a general disliking of Kai's original score and Kai in general. I would like to see Kai set to Faulconer's score, which I feel would make the whole thing a bit more watchable. Any other input?
  8. yetiverse

    Hello, Kametsu

    Hello everyone. I am looking forward to hopefully becoming an integrated part of the community. I am a major Dragon Ball fan, as well as several other short series such as Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, and Trigun. I'm mainly a nostalgic Anime fan, but am coming to like many new up-and-coming series. Looking forward to seeing you all around!