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  1. well when my money situation is better im game
  2. Host Name: Kachinonai King Host Age: 16 Host Appearance: Skinny but has built up some muscle to fend off against bullies Host Personality: Very kind though he keeps himself distant except to his "imaginery friend" Kage Host Backstory:growin up in a poor household his life was not ideal. Especially when you are an unwanted child whose very name means worthless. And the Irony is that his bloodline on his mother side where once the kings of a small country. he first met kage at the age of ten when he heard the whispers. He was then manipulated into doing bad things. But as he grew older his sence of justice brought light to kage Entity: The Osia Entity Appearance: kind of like a dark shadowy child who apears as Kachi's "friend" Entity Personality: in the begining he makes the boy help him to feed on any of the creatures who will satisfy his craving but prolonged exposure to his ideals has made him hunt only the beasts of the wicked Host-Entity Relationship:Manipulative at first but mutual later on I hope i met the requirements but if i need to change something let me know
  3. Characters Name: Tamus Occupation: Student Grade: First year Soccer Club Member: No but has friends in it Appearance: like my avatar
  4. Wassup The King is Back Rezin King that is

  5. Chapter 1: A Haze in Fate Bond decided that he must rescue the princesses now before the ritual so he stormed the castle. "Intruder on the South wall" ,said a Guard of the wall. Then a bunch of guards came in with gritted teeth and scowling eyes as they went to attack this nuiscance. They tried to stop him as their spears clashed against his shield but to no avail. Bond then froze them in place so that he could rush into the castle interior. Bond then rushed down the hallways until he was met with great resistance in the hallway leading to the dungeon. "You won't be making it any farther you little slime" said a Guard bearing the symbol of a spade on his armor. Meanwhile within the dungeon there was a great disturbance as a reaction to the noise outside. "What is going on out there" , Said one of the guards to Guard Captain Renault. Renault then turned to the guard with a look of pure unfiltered anger and smacked the guard for his insolence. "Boy you only need to know that you are to protect these prisoners from any outsider trying to break them free so dust yourself off and due your job" ,said Renault as he left the dungeon to go deal with the threat. "Why do you work for SCUM such as him you are actually one of the nicest people within this whole castle and yet you get treated as the lowest peice of trash here" , Said Alicia Silverhawke as she stood behind the bars looking at the good guard. "I am also a guard of this Kingdom and that is why stand the abuse because if I cannot handle being a SIMPLE GUARD then I am useless" said the Good Guard as he was brushing the dust off his armor when the dungeon door burst open and Bond stepped through. Bond saw a different aura on this guard than the others because he wasn't as tainted as the rest so there was still a chance at redemption. The Good Guard reacted to this intrusion by pulling out his twin swords. " I am sorry I have to do this kid but........." ,said bond as he charged towards the guard and threw him into the wall behind him making an indention and knocking out the guard. End of Chapter 1 Well hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the next installment Razzle Dazzle Mctazzle the 3rd
  6. A CHANGE IN FATE Prologue We all know how prophecies go, A boy or girl chosen by fate from an unlikely posistion will grow to become a Hero. Well that was how Bond was raisedas a young boy working the farmland with his strong muscles his golden hair and his boyish blue eyes. When bond was around 16 he was told of his destiny to be the one to stop the Black Emperor from being summoned onto the mortal plane. So Bond set out to get the relics of power to stop this event from happening. First he when to the Ruins of the Vinehold to get the Shield of Gaia. This would allow him to fight with the power of nature and the strength of stone. But first he had to fight the Guardian Bear by trapping it with the chains of mercy that were there to test his compassion and see that he was better than the evil he was trying to stop. After that he recieved the shield from the gracious bear. Bond gave his thanks as he left the ruins knowing that the Guardian Bear was happy to have his freedom from responsibility back. Next Bond went to the Hall of the Frozen Maiden where he fought many of Tundra Titans and Frostbite Goblins. Along the way he found a girl who had lost her dad whden the two of them went on an expedition of the old castle. So Bond guided the girl through the catacombs until the found her father who had been frozen solid by the Maiden who was killed long ago. So Bond shielded the girl from the Maidens attacks until he saw an opening and he trapped the maiden in stone which ended the Maidens Tyrany. Bond then broke the ice that encased the father which had brought hope back into the maiden. This then shattered the curse that the maiden had been under so she gave the Aetherchill Axe to Bond to cool the fiery hate of his enemies. So with father and daughter reunited, Bond left for his next his next destination the Armory of Thorin. Within this Armory was supposed to be the Saviors Plating but no one ever told him of the technology that was here to guard it. So Bond went through the Workshops and saw all kindds of things he never would have seen as a poor farm boy. But soon he hadd to stop his fieldtrip because the Galvinized Drones which he was having trouble with due to the fact that the were resistant to the cold and there were to many to use earth on so he ran through the corridors of the armory until finally he found the saviors plating which gave him the ability of electricity which was a good thing too because Dr. Einison had went crazy and tried to shoot him dow to which Bond reacted by determination. He cut the mad doctor in two sending a spray of red mist to scatter. Bond Realized he would have to do this more as he heard that his love interest as well as several other princesses had been taken prison secretly under the Crimson King. By the way see if you can see references as the story progresses RAZZLE FRAZZLE
  7. Chapter 3: Rebel Sees the Light Tyrn was almost completely cured of his injuries of which only his left arm still hurt. Each day he would train from dusk till dawn save to help Lilanel with chores. But he felt that now he had someone to protect even though she was just a friend. So relentlessly he strives to grow stronger so that he could possibly take down those who took away his life, his happiness, and all those he cherished just to leave him for dead. "Hey Soldier boy would you like to join me on a hike I gotta get some ingredients," Said Lilanel with basket in hand as she waited for him near a the field. "Sure," he said with a suspicions about her motivations and also knowing that he was honorbound to go as he grabbed his equipment just in case. So they left towards a small trail leading towards the Solician forest. As they travled deeper into the forest Tyrn could hear the rustling of bushes as if they were being stalked. But they kept walking as he kept a sharp eye out never turning back or giving up. all of a sudden the rustles grew louder as a pack of wolves jumped out and attacked. Tyrn pulled out his gun and got one shot off before a wolf knocked it out of his hand. with his left hand bleeding he used his right hand to grab the sword off his back. He swung once but hit the ground causing sparks o fly and made him realize that he needs to win this fight. So with firm grim on the sword he slashed ad one wolf with a backwards swing causing the ribs of the wolf to crack under the sheer force of the blow. The other wolves had a blood thirsty look in their eyes as the thought their meal was soon to come. tyrn took what little strength was in his left hand and put it towards stabilizing the sword. "Damn it I cannot lose to these savage beasts" thought Tyrn as he had the boldest look of determination. He then charged towards the pack as they pounced in his direction. He took this opportunity to stab one in the torso and sling it to the side. Unfortunately though he was bitten in the leg by one that had gotten past him. The warm feeling of blood was flowing down his leg but this did not stop him as he managed to kill at least 6 more wolves before they finally scurried off back into the deep woods. "Tyrn are you all right" said Lilanel running to his side and helped him along the trail until they got to a clearing. As soon as they got their Tyrn succumbed to his injuries and proceeded to pass out. She mended his wounds and awaited for him to wake back up. "Man, I gotta stop this passing out stuff because I have no clue where I am at" said Tyrn as he awoke to the pain of his still fresh injuries. "This is a little grotto I discovered that grows the rare Semos' will plant that is really good for medicine dealing, ironically with injuries" said Lilnel as she took some supplies out of the basket. What she took out was some food, a matt, and some Apothecary Supplies. They proceeded to eat lunch while Tyrn was viewing the scenery such as the waterfall, the plant life and they mysterious stone structure. "What is that" said tyrn asking about the stone structure. "I'm not quite sure to be honest but legend has it that it is a remnant god left behind," Lilanel said to Tyrn who was looking at the structure. Tyrn looked and the words which were in some unknown ancient dialect as wll as some orb like piece in the center. As he went to take a closer look a blinding light flashed making him sightless for a couple seconds. But after that the words became more legible reading, THE POWER TO CHANGE DESTINY, LIES IN THE ABILITY TO CHANGE YOURSELF. The orb then seemed to beckon him to come closer as it glowed with an intense, pure, blue aura. He reached his left arm out to touch it but when hi did his skin began to burn away from where it touched the stone The skin was then replaced with a snow white metal and and the same blue aura as the orb had. When it had finally reached his shoulder blade it had stopped with 7 small chain links kinecting it to the rest of his body. These 7 links had the same language as written on the stone almost like seals. end of chapter 3 what is this new power the stone spoke of? and for a visual reference of the arm think of neros devil bringer from devil may cry 4
  8. im just not as detailed with gun fights but youll hopefully love my sword fights btw ill be working on chapter 3 later today
  9. well it is true i kinda rushed the fight scene but the reason he has a sword is ive always believed that a sword is a true warriors weapon plus ive always loved animes with huge sword fight scenes
  10. I hope everyone enjoys oh and forward any ideas, questions, or comments to me okay
  11. Chapter 2 Rebel Stands Tall It has been two full weeks since Tyrn had first come to Solus injured but now he was starting to get better. Tyrn was trying to get back in shape via push ups, running, and practicing fighting on a tree trunk. Each day he was doing this routine as Lilanel watched him through her window. Then he would come inside get a shower and help Lilanel prepare supper. One day Lilanel was running out of supplies so she decided to take Tyrn to meet the towns folk. "Tyrn would you like to join me in a trip to the market" said Lilanel as she waved at him to get his attention. "Sure, I'll join you"Tyrn said as he rushed off to join Lilanel in her car. They traveled to the market place which was nothing like the one Tyrn had saw in Ond'e his home town. This market place had everything one could ever ask for and the nicest people one could ask to deal with. As he followed Lilanel to a produce vendor he noticed a sword vendor just across the way. He went over to take a look when all of a sudden he heard a voice booming over the market place. "Leave while you all still can or give us all your goods otherwise you are all dead" said a man with unnaturally greyish collored skin and dark red eyes that can pierce through the the most stable of men. As Tyrn saw this his instincts took over and he yelled at the man. "You and your gang should leave or Ill be forced to use force" said Tyrn with a look of determination as the man and his gang of bandits laughed. "Boy I think you should keep that mouth of yours shut unless you want to see these towns folk hurt and these women being raped" said the bandit leader with a crooked smile on his face The bandits then started to attack, but Tyrn leapt into action as he use his melee combat skills to knock out the first two bandits. Then he grabbed a piece of fruit and threw it at the other bandit to get his attention then proceeded to slam him to the groung with enough force to knock the wind out of him. This left only the leader and his two lackeys who proceeded to pull out swords and assault rifles. As Tyrn ducked the barrage of bullets he was able to grab a pistol and shoot the arms of both bandit lackeys so they could not fire their guns anymore. then tyrn shot both hands of the leader then proceeded to punch him a couple times. "We surrender" said the bandit leader as he looked at Tyrn and thought he was the spawn of the devil himself. "Never come back" said Tyrn as he gave a glare at the bandit leader. After they left the mayor himself gave him a medal as well as told Tyrn that anything he needed in the marketplace was his to take on him. "Very well then I'll also be getting all of Lilanel's supplies too" Said Tyrn as he went to the sword vendor asking for the best sword in which he was given the legendary sword the guardian. He then went to the armor shop and grabbed the best Divinusa Armor they had. After that He got some ammo for his gun, which was enough to take down a small army. And lastly he got some Vlits Astral Roses and gave them to Lilanel. The two then left and headed back to Lilanel's house for the night to sweep over them and give them a good night sleep. Unfortunately though Tyrn was still dreaming about the mysterious grotto.
  12. Sure, I'll go post on your thread now

  13. I think shell need a guardiann someone who makes it their sole purpose to protect an hell to give their very life for her also i think you should have some people she meets with lesser abilities like just seeing the dead to being her rival? but its your story good luck
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