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  1. Hey bro I got a question. I downloaded a torrent form asiandvdclub and the total file size was around 15gb. It was a blu ray rip anime volume that I wanted so when I downloaded it I was suprised because it downloaed fast but I know how strict thier ratio crap is for seeding so I thought nothing of it. When it was done all I had was a dat file and the cd cue file of the series and that ls it. So is the blu ray streams in the dat file and if so why is the dat file only 15mb!!!!!! It got me so f***cken pissed off!!!!! and they want me to be a noble seeder when they give me this crap!!!! So Im asking you since you have been using them for a while which is my guess. Is this how they transfer media with dat files or did I do somthing wrong please reply back I would hate to not use this resource since they have a nice selection of blu ray anime serise

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