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  1. Welcome back, your irc chanel's topic said you'd been MIA for a while. had been meaning to thank you for all the great encodes you released, watched alot of them recently

  2. So after me range 32 it becauses unnecessary to encode any higher than, ok thanks ok ill try grain as for b-frames isnt it meant for compression? so isnt high values good? as for ref i always put it at 4, but when the encoding is done, for so reason the encoder sets it ref 3 (be it mod x264 or normal) as for lookahead i have the CPU power so it does not bother me. With all the setting set before it takes 45 mins - 1 hr to encode one episodes. With the settings you guys gave me, that time should decrease. But i'm not worry about encoding time atm. ok i will turn off DCT Thanks a lot If he wants to stay within level 4.1 then 4 is max. That doesn't seem to be the case from what I've read. Apparently some Blu-ray discs are encoded at 6 ref frames @ level 4.1 as well. http://doom10.org/index.php?topic=69.0 Perhaps maybe you are confusing the fact that some standalone players can't play more than 4 reference frames and can't work with video above 4.1 and making the wrong conclusion that 4.1 can't have more than 4 reference frames. Though they seem to be saying in that thread for compatibility sakes you might as well stick with 9 for 720p and 4 for 1080p so just for the sake of compatibility with various devices you'd probably want to stick with ref=4. It's 4am, I need sleep. that is the standard of ref, but like i stated above the encoder sets auto back to ref 3 so regardless if i choose ref 4 will set it back to ref 3. and yes Baal i am aiming for compatibility i already try these settings on my Blu-ray home theater system and games consoles, they all play smoothly with any lag or buffer problems Thanks a lot guys i'm going to try your settings and compare it with my old settings will post screen shots, between the new settings and BD source and my old settings and BD source
  3. http://astrataro.wordpress.com/category/encode/x264/x264-bin/ here's what i use. I use it because it shows/unlocks more settings in x264, and is more optimize. Ok thanks for the tip you are right So any other things i need to change?
  4. The only people I know who still use 2-pass is Shaq and DarkDream, but DarkDream also encodes to a specifically set filesize too. Neither of them have upgraded to ASS subs either. Shaq uses PGS and DarkDream uses SRT. i do use ass in most releases its usually dual-subs with untouched BD pgs and ass/ssa subs Ok thanks for the feedback ill start experimenting with CRF again. Before the start of this year most of my encodes where encoded at CRF @ 16
  5. well from what i read from h264 doc's its not as efficient as automated 2-pass when it comes to compress and quality what do you mean? i am encoding in 2-pass or are seeing it's bad?
  6. Hi, i'm asking help from all top encoders PC SPECS CPU: i7-4770k OC @ 4.2 ghz (liquid cool) PSU: 850W RAM: 16 GB (4x4 GB) @ 1600 HDD: 120 GB SSD, 8 TB HDD (multiple drives) GPU: NVidia Geforce GTX 660ti Here are my h264/x264 encoding settings, i want to know if i'm using good settings. If not can you tell me what i'm doing wrong, and explain why these setting or settings need be change and what will changing help improve? Encoding Mode = automated 2 pass TESTING Profile = High Level = 4.1 Preset = Very Slow Tune = Animation CHANGING Ref. Frame = 3 B-Frames = 12 B-Frame Bias = 0 Adaptive B-Frames = Optimal B-Frames Pyramid = None Adaptive I-Frames Decisions = Yes(checked) Scene Change Sensitivity = 100 P-Frames Weighted Prediction = K-Means ( weightp = 3) Keyframes Interval Control = Automatic Deblocking = Yes Deblocking Strength = 1 CHANGING Deblocking Threshold = -2 CHANGING All Slicing settings = 0 Entropy Coding = CABAC Weighted Prediction for B-Frames = Yes (checked) Bitrate Variance = 0.8 Quantizer Compression = 0.6 Temp. Blur of Est. Frame Complexity = 20 Temp. Blur of Quantizer after CC = 0.5 Rate Control Lookahead = 250 Fade Compensation = 0.5 Macroblock Tree Rate Control = Yes (checked) QP = 0:45:4 AQ Mode = Variance AQ AQ Strength = 0.6 RE-TESTING M.E Range = 64 M.E Algorithm = UMH Subme = 10 Direct MV Predicition Mode = Automatic Trellis Quantization = Always Psy-RD Strength = 0.4 RE-TESTING Psy-Trellis Strength = 0 Macroblocks Partitions = ALL Mixed Reference Frames = Yes (checked) DCT Decimation = Yes (checked) REMOVED Fast P-Skip Detection = yes (checked) Psychovisual Optimzations = yes (checked) color primaries = BT709 REMOVED transfer = BT709 REMOVED color matrix = BT709 x264 Encoder Threads = 8 lookahead threads = 12 Enable Slice-based Threading = Yes (checked) Enable CPU Optimizations = Yes (checked) Encoding TIME: 1-Pass = 22.xx fps, 20-30 mins 2-Pass = 10-16 fps 40 mins - 1 hr I ask because i feel like i reach the limit of how much i can improve my encodes. I want to know if i truly reach the limit or if there is a lot more i can improve on. its for 1080p encodes Encoder Settings Explained http://mewiki.project357.com/wiki/X264_Settings Thank you
  7. what happened to your packlist? no donations?

    1. shaqsalazar


      no, not at all, its just i need to do a massive server upgrade. Took longer than i thought, but all anime and serveral new anime series also being uploaded back to the BOT. Everything will be back to normal by friday, early Saturday sry for the inconvience

  8. An encode of anything is a 'downgrade'. No matter how you look at it, you're losing the original quality. Sure you can filter away defects, but in the end you're only destroying what was originally there. To be clear, encodes reduce quality by nature. An encode that goes quickly will reduce quality in a more noticable way than a slow encode. That extra time (as i understand it) is used by the software to reduce quality/bit depth in areas that wont be noticable. The more time given to this process, if done correctly, the more accurate (and close to the original) it will be. longer encodes can give better quality but in h.264's case that can mean using higer settings which leads to incerasd complexity for the decoder to decode that can cause artifacts by it self. for that reason it's better to let avisynth filters do the deblocking & noise filtering. it also helps to disable cabac whenever possible. plus too many people make the mistake of using the "High" profile with a low bit rate when they should be using "baseline". "high" profile is designed to work at a bitrate of 42,000 with 1280x720 video. no one in their right mind would download a video with a bitrate that high though much less upload it. yes but encoding in baseline is way to inefficient, encoding on baseline with the highest encoding settings there is a lot of noticable detail loss. Especially when you compare it to a encode, encoded in High profile. Now if you want good quality encode you should never encode in baseline, regardless of what you said about bitrate is irreverent compare to point of encoding
  9. Bro ur bot is loosing speed!

  10. Free Crunchyroll Guest Pass EUYAJRF3P3F, 4ZDTMYWHLJQ, WTYUB8BSW8C. Enjoy. NOTE: If pass don't work someone already redeem them

    1. firedogx10


      i used the first guest pass. thanks for putting these up.

    2. Dijmon


      I got to use the 3rd guest pass thank you very much.

  11. I have....been...summoned for jury duty (foaming at the month)

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    2. HeavenlyClassic


      cant yu just say ur racist and not do it [:

    3. Moodkiller


      so jealous of you Shaq :P. And HeavenlyClassic, thats exactly why "commoners" get asked to do it, they have no knowledge and can therefore look at the case from a logical/more human way than a high ranking official of the law.

    4. Tanis



      I kid, I kid.

      It's not as bad as you'd think.

  12. I have 3 crunchyroll 48-hr anime pass. Anyone want it?(first 3 people to send me a message will get them)

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      I'll take one. please and thank you.

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      professa X

      Sent you a pm. I want one 2

  13. I don't know why people still use that and haven't made the move to x265... File size isn't an issue for me though considering my connection speed is 120Mb/s so I always go for quality over file size but it is good to see compression advancing. i understand what you mean BUT even if x265 is the same size as x264 version the x265 is has alot more detail loss than x264, and this is when encoding with x265 on high settings to prevent minimal detail loss. From what i gather from my experiment x265 is a failure AT making transparent encodes. Now if you don't care to much about quality but want a small file size video with decent quality then x265 is for you. But for encoders who aim for transparent encoding like me than x265 is failure. Maybe in a couple if months to a year it might get better but as it is right now it is a failure at making transparent encodes. BUT is is possible to make but it will take 2 days+ because you will be encoding at 0.03 fps or less and all you get is a similar filesize to the x264 equivalent which encodes at 20 fps+ taking only 30-45 mins to encode....all in all its not worth with no compression
  14. yes exactly you are right...Anyway going to post three comparison...x264 final encode, x265 final encode, and x265 final encode (default setting) so far the x265 final encode(stupid settings) file size is at 703MB with out muxing the audio in yet
  15. ok on these new settings, i have tweak i got rid of most of the blurriness and kept most of the detail. There is minimal detail lost compare to the Blu-ray. I can make it transparent but not worth since the encoding time will be pushing 20 hrs+. At these final settings it takes 3-4 hrs to encode one episode http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/58773 that's the comparison for the latest settings. The projected the file size is now at 600 MB no longer 150 MB. Its to be expected if you want a transparent like encode
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