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  1. Looks Like I Won!
  2. As per the animes that you all have Recommended I tried these animes :- Jormungand Tokyo Ghoul Sword Art Online Code Geass Another Darker Than Black Deadman Wonderland Hellsing Ultimate Hamatora They were Awesome, Dynamic, Superb. Overall I enjoyed very much. Currently Watching Attack on Titans, it has Solid Action Scenes, Amazing Artwork, Plot has lot of Twist and turns. I've never seen anime like that . Thank You Guys for Recommeding these interesting animes.
  3. These are all very good. Thank You Guys. And I prefer both sub as well as dub. First preference is dub, if it is not dubbed, fine i'll watch it in sub. It doesn't make much difference though.
  4. Pierce the Heavens!! huh! i liked it. Is that from gurren lagann?? Well, I haven't watch Gangsta. I'll try it out. Any other good shows?? Feel free to suggest.
  5. I prefer animes from 2000's, cause i am not fan of old school graphics.
  6. I am looking for some good anime series similar to Btooom, Death note, Mirai nikki, Psycho-Pass, Zankyou no Terror. Or the one which contain Action, Adventure, Mystery, Psychological, Thriller, Dystopia. etc. Also, not really old, i like newer animation. Any recommendation would be appreciated. Thank You.
  7. Hi

    Hello Everyone, nice to meet you all.
  8. Hi