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  1. I'm a frequent gamer, but it often varies from time to time.
  2. Anime tends to suit a slightly older demographic, specially older teens, which tends to make it seem a bit more mature. Western animations has it's own gems, the old Batman The Animated Series probably tops out nearly any anime I've ever watched. It had a dark and mature theme, but still fit into the morning cartoons. Something you can definitely appreciate at every age. The "good" anime tends to be rather inappropriate for kids, and usually something you'll grow out of.
  3. I have dreamed about a lot of weird stuff, but anime never really comes into the picture.
  4. Golden Sun 2- Amazing improvement on the first game, extremely fun. Might as well play 1 first though. Final Fantasy 6 remake - because it's a classic and everyone should play it.
  5. The Second Super Robot Wars Z, very cool game, even if I couldn't read a single word of it, since it was in Japanese.
  6. Having played everything in the first two generations, not playing for 10 years before playing Platinum, Heartgold and Black, I'd have to say the BEST is Platinum. Whoa, what? Someone as old as I am saying Platinum instead of the originals? Is it crazytown, no, let me explain. Crystal was probably my favourite game before I decided I had grown up too much to play. It had all sorts of neat little additions that B/R/G/S just didn't have, and went beyond Yellow. Platinum turned it up an entire notch. While no one can say the story was creative, it was certainly a little bit darker than the typical Pokemon game, showing us the Distortion World and Cyrus. The atmosphere was fun and the landscapes were varied, From the warmer southern towns to the cold, frigid north. I was a diehard nostaglic "The old games were better" for a long time, even after playing Platinum, but the game gripped me in a way that it hadn't since I played Blue for the first time. I feel like the pace of the game, the story and the battle mechanics makes it an objectively better game than previous installments. (The first two generations had very little depth to the movepools, not that anyone didn't pack a 4x Fire move Charizard anyway. And the Physical/Special split opened up a lot more variety for a lot of classes that previously didn't have an appropriate STAB for their main attacking stat.) Or maybe my 10 year hiatus turned Platinum into my "second first game" and is making me love it in the way most people only love the first Pokemon game they played?
  7. I based my list on how splashable the cards are, primarily. 1) Glow-up Bulb This card can really be splashed into nearly any deck. Not only can it easily be summoned with One for One, it can also be pitched to the Graveyard with Foolish Burial, mill and a card and summon itself. It's also an Earth Attribute letting it be a perfect tuner to summon the powerful Naturia Beast and Naturia Barkion. It also has great synergy with many other plants. 2) Plaguespreader Zombie Here we have get another great splashable tuner. Its main uses are primarily for summoning level 6 and level 8 synchro monsters, arguably the strongest levels in the game. It's even capable of doing both in a single turn, changing your level 6 into an 8. Brionac, Stardust, Scrap Dragon are always easily accessible with Plaguespreader around. 3)Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind We've gone through levels 1 and 2, and now we've reached level 3. Gale's main use is coming out with powerful level 7 monsters. Black Rose Dragon, Scrap Archfiend and occasionally, Arcanite Magician. In addition to this, he has a permanent Shrink effect that he can use once per turn, this allows him to attack over any monster with 2500 or fewer attack points, useful for exterminating that pesky Stardust Dragon. 4) Spore Wherever you see Glow-up Bulb, his little brother is likely to follow. Spore's another tuner that's easily capable of being summoned with the ever-powerful One for One spell card. In addition it can easily summon level 5s and 8s. 6 and 7 are both possible, but primarily, your targets are Lonefire and Dandylion, making him either a level 1 or level 4 tuner. Perfect for bringing out a level 8 with another level 4 monster, or using up a token on the field to bring out a level 5. 5) Formula Synchron This little fellow is not only an extremely versatile tuner, but is also capable of replacing one of the cards used to summon it. Before the limitation it was capable of easily generating advantage in combination with the previously unlimited T.G. Hyper Librarian. (Double Librarian + Formula into Shooting Quasar Dragon with no monsters on the field, a few in the Grave and you draw a bunch of cards while doing it? Yes please.) Shoutouts to Junk Synchro, Debris Dragon and Quickdraw for being awesome but not quite so splashable. Shoutout for Black Salvo for that amazing grin and being a personal favourite, despite having limited use.
  8. Blackwings are kinda garbage right now, I'm pretty sure they haven't topped at a YCS since Kalut was hit. Only the occasional Graveyard-based Blackwings that relies on Vayu summons tops in the OCG, and is almost never seen doing well here. /rant. They are a reasonably easy deck, if you play it like a synchro-spamming rush deck, but you tend to burn through most of your tuners in a short amount of time that way, so it's usually played as a slower-paced control deck, which definitely takes a bit more thought to be effective. Without an early Black Whirlwind, (limited to one) they're typically a joke. All of the new support, with one or two exceptions, has been absolute junk too. As for my own decks, I tend to run a lot of them, my Dueling Network account probably has 10 or so right now, and I try to delete the ones I never use. Lately my favourite has been a Nordic deck based on summoning Thor and Odin. Though I plan on testing out Dark World more in the future. I also hate Burn/Mill/Stall decks, they're basically a single player deck that does nothing but ruin the game for the other player, definitely glad that Konami has done their best to keep it under control.
  9. Probably thousands of hours of Ragnarok Online. Super Robot Wars W must have 300ish hours logged. Most Pokemon games I play break 100 hours. I've put 300 hours into the 2010 Yugioh Game. Currently over 70 hours in Dota 2 after less than a week. Really too many things to list.
  10. Lately I have been playing the Dota 2 beta, feels good to be playing Dota again. LoL is definitely not nearly as fun.
  11. Re HD-remake for FFX will definite;y be forcing me to get myself a PSVita, however, if Fire Emblem 13 gets localized, the 3DS will also be a must-buy for me.
  12. Was never a fan of Sephiroth, even before he got "old." His big "plan" was to drop a Meteor on the Earth and he failed. He also spent most of the game frozen, and it was just Jenova in his shape for most of the game, so he didn't even DO most of the stuff. Hard to compare with the previous game's villain (Kefka) who actually WON for a short while. (While also being significantly more interesting and evil.)
  13. Final Fantasy 6, anyone who disagrees either is too young to have played it or just doesn't know what they're talking about.
  14. I think it was Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Extended Edition. Well over 4 hours of movie, but soo worth it.
  15. Zoom Player/CCCP. VLC couldn't cut the large HD files back when I used it, though it recently gained hardware acceleration that supposedly was able to give it more stability with large files, but I've yet to try it myself. Really no desire to turn back from Zoom and sometimes MPC-HC. Only thing VLC is still good for are extremely rare files that no one uses anyway.
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