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  1. Vibrate..always. If not it's Our Time is Running Out - The Vitamin String Quartet's tribute to Muse.
  2. Real Emotion makes me laugh everytime I watch it and see the male backup dancers dancing with 'Yuna'. XD But, 1,000 Words was awesome. It was just wow.
  3. My uncle used to let me play this duck hunting game when I was a kid..I have no idea what it was called...O_o
  4. Gamestop,Best Buy, sometimes Target..but mainly Gamestop.
  5. That's what I was just thinking. Technically speaking they're one whole person( hence the merge in the end). I voted Sora, but I thin that's more because he had time to grow on me from part one. Roxas would have been better had we not been stuck in that flippin' boring town of his. Not that I didn't like Roxas, I did. But I dig Sora.
  6. Salt...again. Had to say it was unexpectedly good.
  7. I like your taste in anime :)

  8. I didn't think it was that bad. I did like the fact that your party members were all female, but I did miss the ability to have different party members around. It did not have a better storyline than FF-X, but it wasn't horrific.
  9. Just saw I am Number 4. Not so bad. And Beyond Borders, came out a few years ago, but was seriously amazinggggg.
  10. I stick to the lighter songs of Dir en Grey.lol Like Dozing Green. But I usually stick to my BFMV, Evanescence, Linkin Park, AFI , Paramore mix. So Metal, Rock, Alternative is more my style.
  11. IF death were "the end", then it would make me wonder what the whole purpose of life is. Do we live just to die? But that's just my opinion, this subject can be debated depending on one's views of life and religion. But, to get back on topic, if death were the end, I'd do what I do everyday. Make it all worth it and not regret a single thing that has made me who I am today. In the end, even if we didn't make a big impact on the world, we made an impact towards those around us. I'd die happy just knowing that I somehow impacted someone else's life.
  12. Haha. Thanks for the heads up! I am wayyyy behind in the Tsubasa series. I'm a little ashamed of it. :/

    Btw thanks. I like Tifa too. She's a fighter, and I always liked that about her. Take care as well. :)

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