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  1. Hi again, do you have Toonami recordings of Dragon Ball and/or Dragon Ball GT?

  2. So, do you have any edited tapes of the original Dragon Ball? Also, to answer a question you had a while ago, yes, GT was released on VHS too, an ad for volumes 9 and 10 on the back cover of the booklet for Dragon Ball's Commander Red saga set says that they'll be available on DVD and VHS.

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    2. ksa1978


      I do have Mystical Adventure in edited format if any of you are interested.

    3. Eliu123


      I would love to see it :)

    4. ksa1978


      Sure thing!

      It used to be on archive.org but it was taken down last week.

      I will try to get it up this week on my Google Drive or something.

  3. Hey there Eliu.
    I got a question regarding the edited tapes.

    Do you have all of the edited tapes released? Or are the missing ones just ones that Funimation did not release?

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    2. Eliu123


      Okay I'll do it for you to see. 

    3. ksa1978
    4. Eliu123


      Here  you be the judge 🙃 i think  "Android-Dr Gero (Edited)" thats in my google drive is kinda messed up too.

  4. A friend has pointed out that your edited copy of Lord Slug is actually uncut.

    1. Eliu123


      https://imgur.com/a/wWh3aUD i hope I didn't record the same thing lol. I'll check it out and see.

    2. Eliu123


      Do you know if its just Lord slug movie thats uncut?  Or are the cooler movies uncut too?

    3. LTCProductions


      Return of Cooler appeared to be edited, going by an edit list for the Toonami broadcast.

  5. Hey there I got an edited version of Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure. Want me to provide it to you to upload to your Google Drive?

  6. If you're interested, I found an edited copy of Frieza: Transformation on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Ball-Frieza-Transformation-VHS/dp/6305565457

  7. Hello there, pardon me for asking but do you have the DBZ videotapes Ginyu: Assault edited and Frieza: Transformation edited? If so, can you please rip and upload?

    1. Eliu123


      oh man i dont have frieza transformation uncut nor edited :( i do have ginyu assault edited.  i'll send you the link in a few minutes

    2. Eliu123
    3. LTCProductions
  8. Eliu123


    Funimation vs ocean
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