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  1. Just finished watching Haikyuu!! Season 1. Great anime! I wasn't too sure at first, but the characters grew on me. On to Season 2.



  2. Ever get bored and spend the entire day watching your favourite anime?

    1. Cryptic


      no. what kind of sick person does that?

    2. Saf


      Yes. I always spend my days watching Arrested Development when I'm bored.





      You did say anime, right?

    3. Sinbad




      I watch anime when I get bored.

  3. A really good review of ACCA-13...


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Koby
    3. Beave


      I can't believe I missed it. I'll look into it and see what I can make.

    4. Beave



      I tested episode 1 and it looks good when I make a signs and songs Track with the CR Video.


      Thanks Koby.  


      Next is to wait for the Beatrice-Raws Encode.


  4. Anyone know if the Hikaru No Go Movie (Special) was ever dubbed?


  5. Looking for... FREE!


    - "Starting Days" (movie)

    - "Timeless Medley" (movie)

    - "Take Your Marks (2 parts)

    - "Dive To The Future" (S3)


    Are these in English? Thx!

  6. New DBSuper Brolly, Re-imagined, movie.


  7. Code Geass R3 -- cash grab or cope out? AU Lelouch or canon? You decide. Frankly, I think R2 was the perfect ending. (Oh, and anyone have the 3 recap movies? Apparently in the 3rd movie, there are alternate scenes that set up R3, which is both AU/Canon...?)


    1. Sinbad


      1st Movie - https://nyaa.si/view/1015565

      2nd Movie - https://nyaa.si/view/1047049

      3rd Movie - ........(Sorry but I didn't see it anywhere).


    2. Code Geass Fan

      Code Geass Fan

      Thx, but had to stop the download. Got a lot of spam.

    3. Sinbad


      Sorry, I don't know about the spams.

      They worked fine for me.

  8. Tokyo Ghoul Season 3, Part 2 to air in Oct 2018 - total of 12 episodes. I hope it's better than S3P1.

  9. Free! Dive to the Future! Season 3 - E1.


  10. Yay! FREE! Dive To The Future! is coming out soon!!! Anyone know when it'll be English dubbed?



  11. I just want to put out a shout to @Beave for all the awesome uploads he's brought to the site! He rocks! I've discovered so many anime's I never knew existed!

    1. Beave



  12. Just made a donation of $25 to the site. Thank you, Kametsu, and everyone here, for the wonderful anime that I enjoy so much!

    1. (AC)


      May the form be with you.(fuck the force we gots anime)

    2. Koby


      Thanks man. I appreciate the support from everyone who continues to ensure the site is maintained. If people can PM me after donating, it really helps so I can be sure to link donations to the person who made them and upgrade their account rather than having to hunt them down. 😃

    3. Code Geass Fan

      Code Geass Fan

      No problem. But "hunting" is all part of the fun.

  13. Looking for Clock Work Planet... Oh, youtube, but I can't dl it.



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    2. Koby
    3. Inverti


      Gotta love it when people can't be bothered to use the search function on the forum. 

    4. Code Geass Fan

      Code Geass Fan

      I was told it was in duel-audio, but "Lost Years" projects. That's why I couldn't find it in the listing. Please don't call me "stupid". I try.

  14. You are awesome! Thanks for all the wonderful posts!



  15. Will the Net Neutrality law just brought into the USA this morning affect this site? Hope not!

    1. megajew


      It's an extra 50 shekels for cartoons

    2. Meepit Overlord

      Meepit Overlord

      There's still an extra step or two before the Net Neutrality repeal comes to full effect. Reading this thread from Fight for the Future's Twitter account can clear things up about the Net Neutrality ordeal: https://twitter.com/fightfortheftr/status/986993528503971841


    3. IkarosBD


      Nothing to worry about. *WE* will find ways around it to get great content to you! :P