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  1. Those were fillers all right! xD Some were very funny but hey their gone now!
  2. He is burried on Nara ground, he won't get out even if he wanted to. He will be very bored though. xD Probably swearing like no tomorrow! xDDD
  3. He had a strong will and was very wise for his age+ in the shinobi war he did several things that turned the tide of battle. Which is why Iwa (hidden rock) didn't like him very much... ^^'
  4. maanmedia


    I don't think it's the beast but the bond between beast and Jinchuuriki that makes them even more stronger. Their strengh is masured in tails but I don't think that's the end of the story...
  5. I thought do too after watching the anime and playing Naruto Storm 2 but think about those injuries... Would he have made it? But hey! Now that I think of it! Why didn't Ma and Pa do a reverse summoning!? He could have been saved afteral! Dx
  6. I loved that old perv! xD He always made me laugh! But around ep 65 (somewhere I don't know where) He trained Naruto with the Rasengan.... It made me cry that he was to hard on him! Dx It made naruto stronger but.... awww he had it hard enough! DX
  7. 1. SasuNaru! x3 2. MinaKuchi 3. LeeSaku
  8. I am a hardcore fantic but I can understand what you mean. But somehow for me.... I just loved it. xD The serie is epic and the fillers are just funny but I'm an AMV maker so I think that just comes with it.
  9. I just listened it! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD hahahahahahahahaha Hilarious! But sub is better... xP More childish! xD
  10. English: Jiraiya "Strike!" Japanese: Lee and Naruto (Catch choose! Don't make me! Dx)
  11. Tsunade and Jiraiya didn't show them selves during that time. The third had to! There was no one else, or Danzou would have taken it and the third didn't want that.
  12. I think he'll be all stotic like always... xP ---------- Post added at 03:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:53 PM ---------- I think he'll be all stotic like always... ---------- Post added at 03:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:54 PM ---------- Like always.... Just "hnnn" and Naruto will make a speech and Sasuke will just be i killed those bonds... I think...
  13. I also though Naruto looked boring and never wanted to watch it! xD I though Naruto was about some kid who was a ninja and that everyone wanted to learn from him! (MAN WAS I WRONG!) But I had nothing to do and I decided to give it a chance. The first few episodes were mehh but then after I saw all the angst of ep 15,16, 17 I wanted to watch. When I got to the chunin exams I was hooked! xDDD At Shippuden I couldn't do another day without Naruto.... I will die when the serie ends..... xD
  14. Sakura fans will say Sakura and Hinata fans will say Hinata. Kishi just loves to toy with us.... I think it will be an open ending but Kishi almost always ends up surprising everyone, it's very unclear.
  15. I watched Naruto in dub at first but when Shippuden came out I heard the sub. I watched the sub for a long while and I liked it, after hearing the dub again I think in Shippuden the sub is better that the dub. But in the normal Naruto I think the dub is better.
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