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  1. Knight X


    no clue. and ah, thats what it was called. lol pulse of paradox. i miss that forum.
  2. Knight X


    i'm not lilshadow but i use to browse paradise lost and shit and this forum occasionally and i use to be pretty good friends with lilshadow, staind, and joey and shit. +pulse of paradox forgot what it was called
  3. i think this game is flawed
  4. u like furrys why would someone message u

  5. Knight X


    sup bros i'm bored
  6. you need more of a range of forums, change the forum from an anime forum to a general forum.
  7. hey guys did you know... god did not create man? but instead, man created god? yea, sorry
  8. right now i'm growing out my beard. so not shaving lol.
  9. Can any religion follower give undeniable logically proof that you god exist or that your religion is right, no, so shut the hell up. also, like i said before, is a non-god world really that hard to imagine? like how can you not believe in evolution after watching a little of animal planet? we our all just some evolutionary state, and our future genes will continue to evolve more for our species well being? right now, yes, we're human. but our species look and intelligence may change eventually, for the better. our species name my also change an become a new species, etc, but it will be in future gene pools. right now we have one life, so let's live it to the fullest with morals and without religion.
  10. uhh it can it is right now =\
  11. Knight X


    Aww... I just got the email it reopened! =(
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