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  1. azndragonkid

    One Piece

    Rumble-Rumble Fruit for me
  2. azndragonkid

    One Piece

    i love everything about one piece
  3. azndragonkid

    Favorite One Piece Character?

    luffy, zoro, robin and brook
  4. zoro can just cut his leg then its over
  5. azndragonkid

    Your Favorite: Bleach, Gundam, Naruto, or One Piece?

    why dont some people like one piece and gundam that much
  6. im watching naruto, beach and one piece but ive been rewatching some gundam series
  7. azndragonkid

    Latest One Piece Manga Dicussion [Spoilers]

    i agree with you chandy10 i like the flash backs but its getting kind of boring i want to see the crew back together
  8. azndragonkid

    Who do you prefer, Luffy or Ace?

    i like ace he's cool, i like luffy too but for now i like ace more
  9. azndragonkid

    Favorite One Piece Character?

    mine are Luffy, Zoro, Nico Robin and Chopper
  10. azndragonkid

    i'm new

    hi everybody im new at this
  11. azndragonkid

    I'm new

    sup im new too