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  1. As much as I liked Mob Psycho 100, my nomination goes to Shokugeki. They finally animated my favorite arc and it was perfect, so...
  2. Aaaand MHGen is out! Goodbye life!! D:

  3. Just finished rewatching Shokugeki no Souma (season 2 hype) and damn, I love this anime! (: All the characters are so likable and it's epic even if it's just about food! :P

    1. diamonddustlove


      I know and the best thing is the second season starts in 4 days!!!!!!

    2. brennerei


      Right??? This season has my favorite arc! It's going to be awesome! (:

  4. Dying with all this new Zelda footage!! <3

  5. Finished watching Hunter x Hunter! Mega sad right now! :(

  6. Can I nominate One Punch Man specials?? Seriously though, my vote goes to Erased. I almost voted Ansatsu S2, but I haven't actually watched it, only read the manga, so I guess I can't really judge it.
  7. I gave my thoughts on the first episode above. As for fansubbers, the only release worth bothering with was by the 'Dragon Team' which is apparently made of up members of Baaro and the Moonlighters. Thanks! Just wanted some more thoughts from other people! Anyway, Dragon Team? Definitely going to check them out once I start watching! Thanks again! (:
  8. So has anyone started watching this?? Thoughts? Recommended subbers?
  9. Huh... that must be it them, as I am brazilian! Although I used to watch it in English... Still, I guess it must have been the influence! Thanks!
  10. This may seem kind of stupid, but I was planning to watch Cardcaptor Sakura again, as I liked it as a kid, but the thing is, I remember it as being called Sakura Cardcaptor(s). I know you only switch the order, but I find this seriously weird and it actually bothers me a lot, the correct way just seems wrong to me! I used to watch the dubbed version, so I know it was called just Cardcaptors, but to me it always had Sakura first, which makes no sense, apparently. I tried searching for anything that might have given me the impression it was the other way around, but I found nothing!! D: Am I the only one who remembers it like this? Am I crazy?? :confused: Please let me know!! (sorry for the stupid thread , also, not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so sorry again)
  11. Amazing wallpaper!!! And great games you have there! (;
  12. I never really found any controller truly unconfortable! Didn't use use the PS4 or X1 controller yet, so can't comment on that, but as far as the other PS controllers and the X360 and original XBOX, they fit quite well in my hand and I never had any problems. Love the GC and the N64 controller! They're weird, yes, but I just like them! I personally like the Wiimote+nunchuck. It's true that it's not your typical layout, but It fits so well, and gives you a bit more mobility then the normal controllers. (IMO I think Metroid Prime with the wiimote is awesome and would not play it any other way! In fact, I find it hard to believe it was actually played with the GC originally). Haven't played with the Wii U gamepad much, but I felt it was ok, and people say it's really good so there's that. Haven't played with the Pro controller though. Haven't played much old systems, but I guess they would have the least confortable controllers. The SNES controller was small and flat, so you couldn't hold it that well, and that's why I'm assuming the other retro systems have this type of feel to their controllers too, although I'm not saying they're bad or anything, just less confortable then current ones. All in all, I never had any problems with any controller, so that's cool! (: Oh yeah, favorite controller: definetely gamecube! (; EDIT: I forgot! Handhelds are another story! Love handheld systems, but never liked the grip on them. (DS, PSP, gameboy, etc). They just don't feel quite right.
  13. I'm both happy and sad! We already get to watch the new season, which is awesome, but it's also the last season! D: (and possibly the last of anything avatar related) Also, considering the third just ended, it may be rushed!
  14. Yes, it's definitely not the same price as buying from the internet (in my region).I got that it's not needed, but I would like to try it out since it's the preferred method. Also, I forgot to mention in my last post that, from what I've read, the stick is actually quite confortable, but still, that depends on the person I guess. I hope I'll like it! When it's released, I could just try it out, and if I don't like it, I could always buy the non-new one.
  15. Yes I can see why it's so annoying to you. Having both PAL and NTSC available can be really frustrating when a game released to one county takes a while to go to another and you have the latter console! But then again, not many people have the same "oportunity" as you (i think), being quite troublesome to import games. KI: uprising needs the extra analog?? Now i need it! :/ I rather not buy a super pad pro because like I said before, not really interested in the games that actually need it (except for KI, which I did not know).While I do want to play smash, I would prefer to wait for the N3DS because upgrading in the future like you suggested is very hard for me! ): (I live in brazil so prices aren't good and I would have to buy it from another country, like the US, where I don't go to a lot). Yes, for those that do import I agree that it is very annoying. While it's only a small percentage of people that really do import, I still believe they should just make it region free. I mean every other console is, so it only makes sense.
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