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  1. There will be a boom of streaming services but don't feel that number will be huge enough to really make that much a difference since it will probably fizzle itself out within a year or two afterwards and will have fewer of them that continue to hang in there. Eventually I feel some streaming services may get purchased along with their content. You just may never know these days how different things will change within the next decade and what company will give Disney and Netflix a run for their money. In the end, this can only mean great things for the consumer for there will be more series and films created to be enjoyed for years to come.
  2. The Land Before Time is mine. There were a lot of meaningful quotes, loved the music and song at the end. How the entire story was played out and lovable characters. It was probably my first animated film. I can't quite remember but it was definitely a film that had a lot of heart.
  3. There was quite an influx of animation series that I've favored over the last previous decade and was happy to discover. I am not sure if I'm capable of just giving one series over the others but Cartoon Network was my main go for animation with Disney/Disney XD following. Netflix recently has been coming out with some great stuff as well. It be interesting to see what lies ahead for the next decade and which animation shows are going to be considered 'the next big thing.' As for favorites, if I had to choose. I'd probably say Adventure Time like a lot of others before me because it was one of the first series with Regular Show to help rebuild Cartoon Network and started a boom of animation series like Steven Universe, We Bare Bears and Clarence.
  4. 8679 - This is going to take awhile.
  5. I agree, if they can get Emilio then that will definitely get me into giving the series a chance. I feel the same way about current kid actors. I am sure if they ever will follow through with the idea then they are gonna try to put some effort into it. I could be wrong though.
  6. As of right now, Firefox is the current solution. For as long they don't change anything.
  7. I've always felt this would make a good series if done properly. It being on Netflix will give me some hope that this will turn out alright.
  8. I can imagine this will be a series for the upcoming Disney+, might give it a watch if anymore news arrives that can convince me into watching it.
  9. Hopefully this all changes and if not a suitable alternative appears which gains traction. If there is no solution right now, there will eventually be a way. I can't imagine anybody wanting to deal with the bombardment of advertisements on the internet if they are able to avoid it.
  10. OMGosh!

    Status Quo

    Thanks for giving me some of the best years on here and appreciate everything, from the nice community and content. Glad to see you guys running still and hope for the best ahead.
  11. @Chernabog55 Yes, that would be much appreciated. I can only find a few blogs that would list what was coming on Tubi TV but they wouldn't post consistently every month. YouTube-DL is great, seems the hardest to crack is Hulu though. I am sure one day somebody will figure that one out or at least there will be a program that goes public. I miss GetFLV or when you could use RTMPDump for it.
  12. Is there any site where you can find out the upcoming show/movies for the month?
  13. Thanks again Tooncore! Keep up the great work! Hope you're also having a great summer!

    1. Tooncore


      Well thanks very much, Fred! Right back at you, hope your summer is great too!

  14. It is okay for what it is, as for the library goes ... I am sure they will expand and continue to diverse their programming in the upcoming future. Streaming is obviously the path going forward and for now the only one if they wish to continue on once regular cable has faded into obscurity. Still, all this fragmentation of streaming packages is going to be costly.
  15. Well, it does feel a bit off not hearing the typical duck speak I've grown use to but Quack Pack was a fun cartoon that didn't exactly need it either. Other than that, won't complain because it is Disney giving us a continuation of Ducktales in 2017. That in itself was a huge gamble for them to take on and if a success they could consider doing other reboots or at least create more new animated programming.
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