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  1. It's okay, I redid the movie in 720p just recently, I'll pop out Season 1 re-encodes with the newer release soon enough.
  2. I saw 2 movies on netflix, but never knew there was a series for it that existed.
  3. I finally have a master tutorial created that puts all of my encoding tutorials on one page and in the proper order. No more having having to flip through all of the tutorials I made and not always knowing what order to do them in. Even a first timer should be able to follow and use this.



  4. I think I will resume encoding finally. (I had a lot of bad things going for me this 2016 year, but everything seems to be a lot better now)

    I'll get a couple movies out of the way for a warm up and then move back into series.

    I think my first priority is going to be that Spider-Man series re-encode that I never did get put up back before I had stopped encoding for a few months.

    I just need to figure out where I am going to be uploading everything primarily now that KAT is gone.

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    2. astroboy85


      nyaa, mega.nz, extratorrent, magnet.dl or irc

      hope that helps, love to see new encodes from you :)

      hope everything is ok with the bad things, you're awesome!

    3. DarkDream787
    4. DarkDream787


      Astroboy, I don't have much experience with IRC. (If Im even thinking of what your thinking of) Ive only ever tried to use it one time to take a look at it.

      If I ever mess around with it and can set up my own, sure I might just make and use IRC.


      If anyone wants to make that easier on me so Im not learning it on my own as usual, feel free to show me the ropes and how I would make my own IRC channel with downloadable files.

  5. Thank you so much for all your HQ encodes, I appreciate them and I'm certain other cartoon/anime lovers do too!

    1. akdmc


      i also love anime 


  6. I will be back home from out of state around December 5th or so. After I get settled back in and buy a new computer, I will be a tad more active again and be able to seed things once again. 


    Until then, see ya!!

    1. Soldy


      Yes! I hope you will upload your stuff on mega or something else not torrent, cause most of your encodes impossible to get.

    2. DarkDream787


      With the loss of my seeding computer and kickasstorrents being taken down, yeah they are going to be quite hard to get for a while until I can seed again on a new computer and upload on some new trackers aside from KAT.

  7. I remember your username as dragoonmsuv now that you have mentioned it to me, but I have only went all out teaching with 2 people and call them able to replace me if I left for good, so that's why I said what I did because the username did not match those 2 people I am familiar with and still talk to to this day on occasion. (It's nothing against you or what your capable of, and I know I helped you out some) Dr-Love55 is literally the last person I recall giving an all out teaching of how I did things, and a couple of those things I have since improved on or noticed better results thanks to moving into using HD sources, so even he has a bit of catching up to do if he wants to hear about them since it's been quite a while. When I teach my way, I not only show them personally over skype or teamviewer software, but I have them write scripts on their own eventually and I go over them with them in full detail about what I would and or would not do if it were me for my encodes. I show them comparison screenshots and different effects of each filter I use or don't use with different settings and get very much into detail about things so they begin to fully understand each individual filter and setting for them. This goes on for a couple months at least and they get small assignments of helping me out with my scripts or files as well to help train them more fully. I could easily ask them a question and or tell them what I want and watch them correctly write the script or answer the question. Its almost like a college class at times lol. That forum tutorial and bit of help in personal messages with me will make you get almost the same results as I do or certainly better than average or no knowledge at all if you payed attention and pick things right or have a natural talent with avisynth, but until I go through that with someone in person and give them a test to see if they get what I have tried to explain, I didn't consider it a personal all out teaching from me in my eyes. Thus the reason I said what I did. So yeah, I remember helping you some, I just consider a student or replacement of mine in a different way than just a bit of help and forum reading was all. I'm not saying your incapable of good encoding or anything or that you didn't pay attention to the forum and private messages, I just know I have only done this all out with 2 people since I started encoding because they stuck with it and showed they actually cared enough to finish it all and improve over time. So I hope that clears things up. Glad to hear from you again, I was not aware of the username change you had since I last heard from you. I don't have as much free time as I used to, but if you want, I can always give a quick test and or teach you further than what I did if you contact me on Skype. I would be sure to mention you know just about what I know if you finish either one. Then it's all on you after that whether you use it as I taught or not and I will gladly vouch for it when needed.
  8. I haven't personally taught anyone since Dr-Love that I can recall and that's been over a year ago. A few tips and answers to questions on Skype or forum messages perhaps since I get asked a lot of them, but not an all out teaching with me assisting or judging. The best most people have that I have taught is the information I put in my forum on how to encode like me. I don't recognize this username either so I am not verifying this above statement as legit at the moment since I have been asked about if this is true or not.
  9. Im not sure what your full script is at this point, but you only need one antialiaser really if you ask me. (Giving updated full script if you made any changes would help) Santiag() at default settings is quite strong on its own. If using Santiag twice in a row doesn't get rid of the aliasing, then you have your work cut out for you. (I wouldn't do that twice in final output, Id do just to see if it works) If using Santiag() twice works to remove aliasing, then use it only once and add a simple antialiaser like MAA() or MAA2() right after it. SharpAAMCMod() I have never used but I'm willing to bet it's not the best pick for your source. Its also probly a big reason for detail loss since its so powerful sounding and all that sharpening probly looks poor.
  10. Honestly Im going to say your going overboard with the filtering and I see couple filters that are more damaging than their worth in my opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if the output looks smudged or lines are overly dark. Also, to get rid of banding, you put noise/grain over it. If you remove the noise/grain after you put it in to cover the banding, you will get banding again more than likely. I dont see alot of good in debanding then removing noise/grain afterwards. That just adds more damage to the video. If no noise at all is your goal then more than likely you are going to have to put up with the banding. Which is it you want more? Do you want the banding gone, or no noise?
  11. I don't hear from him much anymore either, he's not banned on KAT or my forum so maybe he quit or left all forums? Anyways, thanks for pointing it out.
  12. Heard anything about this yet Kimiko?
  13. I haven't tried them yet, I will try them in the last line of this post and if it works, then they work fine. Id try logging into an account that's not an admin like yours and see whats different. Admin accounts usually get more capability than a typical user account. Use your site for a couple hours using a new account or account that's not an admin and look for things and try to do things. It might help you spot stuff you wouldn't while using your Admin account. A button that lets you preview your post before you submit it would be nice.
  14. I take it this means BB Code and or HTML will no longer be allowed or possible in posts on here??