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  1. Just here to tell ya the Steven Universe links have been replaced!
    Only just finding out about this 8 hours later after you posted

    your message haha!

    Thanks, also love your Tanya avatar!

  2. Oi! Boneco, long time no see!

    I have awesome news that will interest you!
    Someone nformed me that they found

    one of the missing episodes from Season 3 that you don't have!


    It's appears to be episode 8 and it's highest quality

    version available appears to be on dailymotion!

    They're most certainly ways to download the episode

    from dailymotion but if you need help, i'll help ya get it

    for you! Just ask! ^^


    Anyways you can find the user who posted the links to the episode

    on your own blog here:




    Here's the link to the episode on dailymoition:



    Also on youtube as well but has an annoying watermark by the youtube user on it so...I recommend dailymotion for the original:


    Anyways hope this helps ya out!
    See ya pal! =)


    1. Boneco


      Hi, long time no talk!

      Yes, I saw this comment today on the blog and I already watched the episode. Honestly, I never thought we were ever gonna get this episode, but I'll translate it, so expect it for next week. Also, I'm going to re-do all the subs from the beginning some time soon and release them with the subtitles on .mkv.


      See ya around, pal!

    2. Kii-lon


      AWESOME and thanks pal!
      Also cool you're gonna release the subs on mkv hehe!

      See ya and have fun! ^_^

    3. Kii-lon


      Oh and be sure to reply to him that you saw his comment so

      he knows you're doing it. =)


      Anyways see ya!

  3. Hey you have some shorts of Steven Universe in audio dd5.1?

    1. Kii-lon


      Hmm...looking at my shorts that I have previously uploaded...no I don't have DD5.1 in them.
      I don't know if the iTunes releases of Steven Universe come with DD5.1 but if they do, I'll ask RainbowCrash if he can kindly provide the shorts with DD5.1! =)

      [RainbowCrash btw is the awesome friend who rips and does all the Steven Universe iT00NZ episodes! Yup! ^^]


      Anyways sorry to disappoint ya.
      May I ask, do the main SU iTunes releases come with DD5.1?
      If not then there's nothing I can do about it but if they do then

      i'll ask RC about it!


      Anyways see ya Sour Cream dude.

    2. Vila


      Sorry for drop in randomly but SU isn't 5.1 native. I know this since I have a 5.1 home theater, and even though the HD channel upscale the audio to 5.1 it still just "fake". Samurai Jack is in 5.1 tho 

  4. Ello!  Here to tell ya that I just noticed that all the links on your
    O.K K.O Mini-series thread is dead! D=

    I don't know if you're re-uploading or if it's been taken down but...
    Just wanted to let you know as others have said.

    Oh and followed!

  5. Hmm...that iTunes 11.1 restriction is certainly a real pickle.

    Sucks indeed, thanks for kindly helping out though on providing

    ways to get the episodes post 10.7/11.1 though Charlie!

    Oh and I feel like linking ya this post, it's something I found rather interesting...
    I don't know if you know anybody that knows about Java Programming but...
    If ya do know one or you know some, you can check this out here:


    This person seems to have checked the code and needs someone

    to help compile the jar file for testing in javabuilder or whatnot.


    At this point, I feel someone should start a open-source project

    on github to an iTunes DRM Remover tool if it doesn't exist yet.

    (With Requirm being open-source itself, it can be a starting point!)

  6. *ElementalCards is now following you




    Wow thanks for following and also IT'S NICE TO MEET YOU!
    I also followed back as well!

    Wish you an great day/night and more Elemental!


  7. Wait...you're back?
    WHOA DUDE I didn't even know you were back!




    Wowie...it's good to see you again.

    I recall looking for ya some months ago, wondering

    what had happened since you disappeared!


    I can't remember when...probably September or august.

    Still WELCOME BACK bess-Edespite it being rather a month late for me to say



    *Reads back your post in November when you returned

    ...ah I see.


    So a bunch of things were happening in life eh?

    Yeah, I know that feeling too well...

    Life, lemons, things happening, I certainly know it my friend.




    It's nice to know you're fine.

    Anyways just wanted to thank you

    for everything on Clarence, yup!
    (Also thanks to the team behind the series too!)


    See ya around and Happy Holidays to ya too!

    (Hope your new job is going swell too!)

  8. Why hello there...
    First time seeing ya in the SU thread!



    As such, it's kind to meet you new friend!

    I see you've recently joined too so welcome as well!

    Did you read my post along with Dingo's in my SU thread? =)

    Just know that we do have the SU short episodes already

    though if you want them in MP4 format, you can always mux

    the files from mkv to mp4! If you need help with that, just ask!

    Besides that, see ya around dude!

    Awesome of you to help provide the shorts as well

    even though we have that taken care of! =D


    Be prepared for the SU Special, it's gonna be amazing!




    1. TheJasbre202


      I mean, when you download the files from itunes, they're in an itunes folder in the file explorer, and it has the season cover instead of a preview of the episode as the picture, and they're in MP4 format, those are the files i want, cause then when i insert them into itunes, they have the airdate, art, and everything

    2. Kii-lon


      Well then if you want the files to look like that then you just

      don't have to re-mux them into mkv format and keep them

      the default format as they are!


      Just be sure to...when you decrypt them (read my tutorial), remove

      the account info from the files. You can do so using this program:



      It's called MkvtoMP4 and don't let the name fool you, it can also do mp4/m4v files too!




      When you first open it, be sure to open the settings and change somethings around like

      what the file extension should be upon output (aka making the video), enabling to have "edit mode" on when opening a video file [it'll show you what vid parts will be changed so you're aware of what's changing], make sure AC3 pass-through (pass-through meaning not to modify the file and just import it into the new file) is on, disable "repack mpeg4", disable "mp4 optimization" , and whatever other option you want to enable/disable.


      Once you get used to this program, you won't have a problem muxing files to mp4!

      When you've decrypted a m4v file and open it in mkvtomp4, you can check the "tags" button where you can edit any tag you want! Private Information is automatically set to be removed by the way so you don't have to open it every time when loading a video file!

      A note that you should be wary of, if you open a video file and you see "delay" on the audio...be sure to open it and disable "delay" as the audio will be delayed when outputting!



      *When you see it, click on the part and then click on the wrench button on the right, then disable delay audio and that's it!


      Now with that said...if you want to look at the cover art on mp4/mkv files (if there's embedded art in the files) then I recommend downloading Icaros which is a lightweight shell extension that can enable video thumbnails on multiple video formats!


      Here's the link to the program:



      When you install it, before activating it, be sure to type in any extensions that aren't already enable in the tickboxes as seen here:



      After that, click on "Advanced" button on the bottom and tick the "Use embedded album art" box so that when icaros detects album art within the video file, it'll use that instead of generating a thumbnail from the video.


      Hope this helps ya out well and if there are any more questions or need help

      with something, just ask and i'll help! See ya new friend! =D

    3. Kii-lon


      *I didn't know there was a new update to mkvtoMp4! I just updated to it...ah it

      has a 64-bit version for the first time!


      Okay I feel like saying this after update my older version to the new one...

      When you open the zip file, you'll see "x32" and "x64" folders along with 3 other folders.


      If you have a 64-bit OS (which I believe you do) then extract just the 64-bit folder and

      rename to whatever you want (or just MkvtoMp4), then after extracting that, extract the

      3 other folders (not x32 or x64) into the folder you've just extracted before.

      After that, you can open mkvtomp4!
      You can also move this folder anywhere you want

      as it's portable! ^_^


      Now open it, change the settings and...ah I just realized something about the delay option

      that I told you how to disable, it's not a tickbox!

      Sorry, okay to disable it, change the "delay" number to "0" and then i'll be disabled!
      That should end the confusion haha...


      Again if they're any other questions, just ask and i'll provide!


      ...Well there is one more tip I want to provide that I just learned

      after updating my program. In the audio options section, make sure

      to tick "All tracks" instead of "one track [default language]" so that any additional

      audio files that are present in a video are enabled instead of disabled.


      Okay i'm off, see ya! =D

  9. You know...if their's a artpiece that you really want to use but feel bothered thinking the artist might not like it, you can always ask the fan-artist if it's okay to use their artwork as their profile pic. To me though...I feel that something like this isn't a big deal compared to say...plagiarizing someone's art and treating them like their own, using their art in hateful imagery (unless the artist doesn't mind), etc. If I were an artist [I have dabbled with art before many years ago], someone using my art as an profile pic would not bother me... Hell I would be happy people are using it for others to see. But I understand where you're coming from Reptoholic on your feelings about. Certainly I'm guessing you've encountered something like this in the past but who knows... Still, this isn't too big of a deal unless the person is treating it as their own or the artist specifically doesn't want the "user" to not use it, knowingly going out of their way to make sure that's that. You know what I mean? This isn't as worse as people plagiarizing art or using certain imagery that the artist doesn't like (Hate speech, violent, etc) or doesn't want to be shared if said so. They're a variety of reasons for every artist out there...yeah. === Interesting...when it comes to creating art on dA and using someone's creation in a variety of art pieces, the situation changes when the artist isn't created for said creation and I know that feeling well. It's sad your dA got removed...if only the artist informed you before reporting you but decided to go with reporting before resolving the issue yourself. Sorry for your loss...all that work (under good will) gone... Compared to using an art piece as an avatar, if making art/pics/signatures and sharing it with the world (and not using said signature on a forums that is, sharing it)...it is important to credit the artist or more if said artist has specific rules on using his art in stuff like that. Things that are for personal use [avatars, wallpaper, signature on a forum [isn't posted on dA or such], etc] are usual fine, things that are for being used in art/video/etc, always best to credit the artist/read their rules about using their art. Again it's a shame the artist didn't contact you directly before all of this happened... We learn as we move forward. Thanks for sharing this story by the way admin Koby. Sorry for the long post but anyways I hope y'all understand what I meant hehe! See ya!
  10. When I first saw the title of this thread... Then tried the first link that you posted, this was my face at first: I thought it was just a tabloid site that's making click-bait news as you see that a lot if you look up a bunch of stuff online. Then I looked up Young Justice to see if it's true... ...Then I went back to this thread, saw the second link and clicked it... This is me realizing it's real: THEN THIS IS ME RIGHT NOW: HYPE!!! HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE!!! *It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening *It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening *It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening OMiGOSH IT'S FINALLY BACK!!! This series was killed prematurely, with all the hype and fans behind it, because of some reason, one pointing to "there being more female viewers then male" (but later said it's not that but something else, unknown to me). I have no idea why it was cancelled but gosh darn it doesn't matter IT'S BACK! 3 YEARS AND THE IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE!!! SEASON 3 OF YOUNG JUSTICE IS FINALLY FINALLY HAPPENING HAHA!!! Now I have a reason to go back and re-watch the episodes again like before! Thanks starscream for posting this! A small suggestion though...I would umm...make the thread a bit better? You know like...posting a summany/snippet of the news and confirmation besides just the links? Just saying hehe!
  11. Do you by chance have WEB-DLs of S01E05, S01E06, S01E07, and S01E08 of this show? I can't seem to find any for this and the OP never posted them? D: 




    1. Kii-lon


      Hmm...after some looking at what you meant...OH MY I REMEMBER THIS ISSUE!

      My friend, you don't have to worry as you already


      You see, Mr.Waddles changed the naming of the episodes after S01E04.


      What used to be named "S01E01" is now "S01E01-E02" which if you

      count from S01E01 to S01E04...you already have S01E01-E08 hehe!


      I actually even made a post about the naming scheme back

      last year which i'll link ya to (may be better explained):

      Your welcome and enjoy! ^_^

      Just rename the episodes to the proper naming scheme as

      the other later episodes my friend! (As they're two episodes and not

      actually one whole episode.)

    2. testing123
  12. I feel this song is befitting...after the series finale of Sitio do Picapau Amarelo



    I don't know what you're feeling right now Boneco...

    But let me tell you, after listening to this...I only have nothing

    but tears flowing in my eyes.


    Despite it being goodbye in the finale, you'll still be remembered...

    Holding "A Special Place" in everyone's hearts for all the joy and happiness you've brought them including you Boneco and I. Thank you for the translations my friend and thanks to the team behind the series for everything.


    In all honestly, I haven't seen the entire series yet as I'm still on S01...

    But seeing how it's completed and done, knowing the feeling of seeing

    a series end (e.g. Gravity Falls)...I just felt like posting this.


    In time, I will catch up on the series as I really do love this show

    after the few episodes I have seen. I'm glad you've loved, enjoyed

    and shared the series for everyone and again thank you for the translations.


    ...If anything, since no confirmation of the series ending has happened

    despite the ending...maybe we'll see this series again in the far future.

    Just maybe, even if in a entirely different form (hopefully animated with love).

    1. Show previous comments  19 more
    2. Kii-lon


      Wow...your friend certainly spoiled everything about that route and I guess

      it's for the better if you never felt trying it...

      But I see you're going to still...oh boy.

      Anyways glad to know you enjoyed and seen

      some of the videos including others you found and

      discovered on youtube!

      I understand how you feel about fandoms and

      being reserved about it, I was just suggesting a bunch

      of stuff you can find that fans made.


      Yup! The community is certainly filled with a lot

      of things, anyways well...I wish you umm...well? in the genocide route.


      See ya and stay awesome my friend! =)

    3. Boneco


      I played the genocide route.


      It wasn't as dark as I expected and it was just as straightforward as the pacifist and neutral route, if not more. The only thing that surprised me was when I killed Toriel with one hit and it surprised me because I was expecting an actual fight. It was disappointing to me that every boss could be defeated with one hit with the exception of Undyne. Basically all the route was going from point A to point B and going in circles until you kill every enemy minus the puzzles, story and bosses. The battle with Sans was very difficult, it took me little more than two hours to defeat him. His death is literally the only one that made me feel something, the rest wasn't as good as killing them in the neutral route.

      After Chara destroyed the world and I gave them my soul and started the game again, I saved and left it there. I think I'm completely done with Undertale. I really liked it, but the battle with Sans was the only redeemable thing in the genocide route. Also, I saw there's an extra scene in the ending of the pacifist route after beating the genocide route. It was good.


      Well, see ya my friend!

    4. Kii-lon


      OH...my, you completed it you say?


      Hmm...*reads what you said*...interesting!

      It's certainly saying about the genocide route...

      Compared to the pacifist/neautral route, it's not as fun...


      ...as it's not fun because you're killing monsters

      compared to talking/sparing them.


      But I do know how you feel about it all, killing over and over gets boring

      to complete the route, some of the bosses take 1 hit, etc...

      There's no argument over the murder grinding getting boring and
      it would of been nice if genocide was more fun with killing all the monsters!


       (Oh what am I saying haha!)



      Though the bosses...have reasons why they're taken down

      so easily if you think about it. (Mettaton NEO though...it would

      of been such an huge awesome battle if he wasn't so easily taken down.
      His defense may be in shambles and unable to be filled with pure determination

      like Undyne but still...it would of been amazing if he battled on over one hit!).


      Yup! I also see it why you wouldn't be as shocked by the route

      because you had the impression of the "dark" parts being more insane/whatever

      you imagined in your mind...but found it to be less dark then imagined.


      That and you already know some of the things in genocide before playing

      because of your good friend!


      Yup but It's okay it's okay...


      Still, the things that are dark is what you're doing

      and how everyone reacts to you. Did you went into

      the shop inns? Recall how sans sees you not laughing, moving

      on your own, etc? The text changes with you identifying yourself

      as the fallen human?


      The morbid, twisted music?
      Yeah...for someone unaware of what they'll

      get in the route, it can be somewhat...uncomfortable, daunting, etc.


      Well not for you but ya know...


      That's what I meant by it being dark as you're shambling

      around, with the same face showing no sign of emotion, killing

      every monster you can find until they're gone, covered in their

      remains til the end.


      Yeah...that's what makes it dark, more so when it comes to characters

      you like or love. (Papyrus ;_;)




      Anyways now that you've completed the route...

      It's now permanently tainted and that ending you see

      is actually what you'll always get no matter what.


      You can't erase it in game, no reset/true reset will

      get rid of it. It's stuck there, as your soul now belongs

      to chara, as a reminder of the things you've done...



      Source: http://fallen-determination.tumblr.com/post/133678326491/icanfinallyabductcharayes


      ...Well you can always look up and edit the save files

      to reset everything back to normal but without that the

      game's tainted, every ending always leading to a bad ending.




      Well with that said umm...congrats on completing it and hope

      you enjoyed the "bad time" you had with sans hehe! =)


      That battle will always be stuck in my mind for how surprising

      and insane it is...but more so when it comes to seeing and learning

      what Sans really knows, hidden behind his smile.


      He's certainly a complex character...

      Anywho, thanks for telling me and before I go, you should have this

      now that you've experienced Undertale in all the routes:






      Yet Darker





















      Just when you thought things were all over...

      It keeps on going!


      It's as I said, overtime I keep on discovering more and more things

      about the game. You'll certainly too even if you already know.










      the darkness
      keeps on growing.

      void of nothingness

      my body, stretched
      stretched throughout reality

      from beginning to the ends of the underground




       as I've talked


      Don't act like I haven't
      been listening to what
      you've said about me.








      (I unable to send this reply with wingdings ;_;)


      That was fun!
      But there's even more to discover...

      Even more...

  13. >New Follower Kii-lon follows JMan1988



    Hi! Happy to follow ya!

    Also small question, who is that in your profile pic?
    She looks awesome!

    1. Arian


      Pauline Bell from Atomic Puppet.

  14. >Queenie is following you



    >Goes on Profile

    >Follows Back





  15. *Reads your post



    *Reading intensely



    *Finishes reading









    ...Hi Agent-347!





    Just so you know...
    I'm thinking about it.



    Yup! I'm thinking of how the thread will look and

    will appear and plan on having it done...when the

    next new episodes come out.


    Basically, Friday Morning.


    That is right, it is HAPPENING!


    Universe Universal Steven Universe Thread Quartz OMEGA - Crystal Gem Edition.




    And yes, it won't have that over-the-top thread title if you're

    thinking that. I'm actually just excited and being silly is all.




    Also don't worry, I won't post super duper spoilers...I know that

    feeling and will keep it simple with S01 beginnings!




    With that said, I hope you're ready and prepared for not only

    new Steven Universe episodes but a new thread for easy access

    and more nyhehehe!


    Thanks for that post by the way and stay awesome!
    The first thread post is gonna be fun to make!


    See ya!





























    Peri-monster frog.

    Peri-monster frog watches.

    Peri-Monster frog sticks her tongue

    to acknowledge your presence.


    Simply cute, funny and adorable at the same time!


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