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  1. Dose any one has this link ?

    NWO Urusei Yatsur x264 BD 720p

  2. Is there going to be a 4th one ??
  3. I like courage from the second opening song for the Sword Art Online II
  4. For me its megan fox and jessica alba.
  5. I miss this show I wish they ranned it for few more seasons
  6. I loved it It was entertaining
  7. I like this show I know 1st was not so gud but 2nd season was really gud
  8. Sub version is gud don't go for dub Most of dub version just takes away the meaning of the words n jokes Trust me sub is way more better
  9. Even fairy tail zero was good one Mevis n zeraf :-)
  10. Fairy tail was my first anime this the best anime I ever watched I know there are other cool anime like one piece n naruto n all I like them too but fariy tail is different some how I love all! The characters From it erza Lucy Natsu gray juvia levi But laxus is my favorite oh n happy too he's so cute I don't like the eng dub version the sud is the best N the OP n End sound tracks a awesome I like masayume chasing OP love that track even though I don't understand a word from that is really good !
  11. Is tyler hoechlin coming back in season 6 ? I miss Derek
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