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  1. Request

    @Akai-Shuichi, will you be able to get the English episode 8? Or even just 8 in general at this point?
  2. Request

    Well. Excuse me, please, while I cry buckets. (TT_TT) (TT__TT) (TT__TT) (TT_TT) Don't get me wrong. I don't like your post because I like that two episodes, in English at that, are gone down the drain, indefinitely as far as we know, but that I appreciate the honest and straightforwardness of your post admitting as such. (I seriously wonder what that miscommunication was that led to your friend not recording the episodes?)
  3. I, truthfully, don't have the money to do something like that.
  4. Frankly, I don't really hold much stock in reviews, especially the likes of Rotten Tomato. They tend to put down most anything that isn't the right kind of "main stream". Beyond that, I'm fine with SD and 720p (I prefer the latter, actually, because it takes up less space and my Computer doesn't like play 1080p that are too large). Anyway, thanks for looking out @Raven. Hopefully something will come along for me. It seems like a good enough movie on my end, and I hope to be able to watch it one day.
  5. I did not know it was a Mexican Animation. That's pretty cool! I'm always happy to see more of them. (I also watched Americano on Neflix not too long ago.) As far as Digital release, from what google tells me, it's already available. Just that, so far, no one's purchased and shared it yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8WrtuxKZS8 https://play.google.com/store/movies/details?id=_8WrtuxKZS8 https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/monster-island/id1268232799
  6. Hi guys. I'm trying to find out if the 2017 movie Monster Island (an animated movie that came out this year, and not any of the pictures with the same name) is available online. If so, would someone upload it for easy download, please? I do know it came out this July, and Itunes and Youtube do seem to have it for purchase but I'm wondering if the movie is available already. Perhaps someone may have ripped the it from Itunes already? @Raven, you're pretty good with being able to check into stuff like that. If you have time, could you look into seeing if its available? The movie is about a pre-teen adolescent boy named Lucas who unwittingly discovers his monster heritage when he accidentally transforms into monster form for the first time in front of his peers. This leads him to go on a journey to discover the details of his heritage, among other thing about his life. Here's a trailer: As always, thanks in advance for any and all help with this request!
  7. Request

    @Akai-Shuichi, I know you said you'd be away for a bit, but I kind of feel compelled at this point to ask how things are going for episodes 6 and 7. I've been missing this show, especially since episode 5.
  8. Request

    Hmm. Having watched the episode (and it was awesome to actually be able to experience it! ), it turns out that it isn't the same Disney Marvel studio that's been doing the likes of the other Avengers cartoons and Disk War's Dub. Even with only Thor in this episode, I could tell it's not his Avengers Assemble voice. I recognize the narrator and Amora, but I couldn't pinpoint where I've heard them from specifically (but I've heard them a lot). Iron Fist sounds like T.K. from the Tri Dub, and in the end, I've come to conclusion that Studiopolis is doing the voice work for the Dub. I also get a Beyblade Burst vibe from them, so perhaps they share actors or something. Well, I'm done.
  9. Request

    Fair enough. I'd recognize the Avengers by ear by this point, so I'll find out when I get to watching it.
  10. Request

    I'm still downloading it and I'll be watching Yugioh Arc-V first, so I haven't gotten a chance to give it a listen to myself. To be sure I'm interpreting correctly, are you saying that the Disney Avengers' cast is playing the Avengers here, too (as they are in the Disk Wars' Dub)? If so, then that's all kinds of weird. If they're dubbing and finishing with Future Avengers right near when the Japanese versions airs, what's the deal with them not airing it in the States or other English speaking countries? Like, that seems really strange to me. As it stands, that, possibly, might be the only way were're getting those first 4 episodes in English. Though that said, I'm still all kinds of happy to have this in English from episode 5 on-wards!
  11. Request

    That is definitely a surprise! I had zero clues that an English Dub was made near-simultenously for this show. Honestly, it was so low-key, that only someone actually watching the channel would have ever even noticed; I doubt the Dub was advertised. Very good find, @Akai-Shuichi! I'll implore @DigiPokeMon's words as well: try to and grab the English version of as many of the episodes to come as you can, hopefully all of the rest of them. And yeah, it's a shame that the first 4 episodes are gonna stick out, until the very unlikely event that those 4 episodes get re-aired in English. (Japan is not know for its re-runs, so it stands, it's a miracle they're doing it now with one-time re-airs of Future Avengers.) Thanks again, @Akai-Shuichi!
  12. Interesting. I did not see this getting fulfilled so late! Thanks!
  13. Request

    Good to hear, then. Oh, will you still be able to get episode 6 when it airs, even if you might not be able to upload it right away?