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  1. Last time I could remember, Season 3 of Super Why is on Netflix (along with the first two). If someone could record or rip from Netflix, they'd likely be able to get your missing episodes. If you find someone who can, maybe swing 'em by my Mutant Busters thread, too, if they're willing.
  2. Hello. As the title asks, would someone who can record or rip from Netflix grab the cartoon Mutant Busters? It is a, so far, 26 episodes series that are approximately 11 minutes each. Thank you in advance for anyone who is able to help, and have a happy holiday to all!
  3. Awesome! Looking forward to it, @crossover!
  4. Thanks a ton, @crossover! Will do, but I for one am pretty confident that I'd appreciate it if you'd do all of the episodes, even before I've finished downloading this one. Thanks again!
  5. That's awesome that it's available in English on Hulu, but unfortunately, it's after the entire site became subscription only. Still, perhaps someone who can and has ripped from Hulu before do so now. I know @Tacnil has done so before, but he hasn't been around lately. Maybe @DawnShadow. (but he already has a ton on his plate as it ). Do you know of anyone else who can rip from Hulu, other than yourself of course? Maybe change the title to make it clear you're looking for someone who can rip from Hulu and that this show is on it?
  6. Thanks. I was definitely having a moment there, and didn't even realize that existed.
  7. Oh? I did not know this. Is it available on this forum?
  8. Well, I guess that's up to Dawnshadow., but from it seems to me so far, that the episodes aren't synced is what the detterent is. The audio and visual aren't together, they need to be synced but he doesn't have the time to do it himself, which is why we're only just now getting to this point. Him making a thread for episodes with no audio or seperate audio files that everyone would need to sync themselves, regardless of whether they know how, have the means, or the time, doesn't seem too productive. Which is why I figured it would necessary to see if someone could do that beforehand, first.
  9. From what I can see, the only real "problem" is that someone with the know-how and extra time needs to sync up the audio file with the video file for the episodes, since they didn't come ripped together and Dawnshadow. doesn't have the time to do so for every episode (Season 2 has 26 episodes by itself, but if he ripped Season 1 as well for the better quality, that's a total of 52 episodes in all). My only idea for a solution right now, if it's alright with @DawnShadow. and @Toddler Naruto, is to essentially make a request thread or change the title of this thread and ask if someone with the time and knowledge to sync videos with audio could do so for Dawnshadow.'s rips. This way, he can give them to this hypothetical person, and they could sync them, even if just a few at a time until they were finished. @AlvoErrado2, I don't supposed you know how to sync video with audio and wouldn't mind doing so, would you?
  10. Sorry that's happening. I wonder what could be the cause?
  11. Thank you, awesome good sir!
  12. Thanks for noticing and pointing out this golden opportunity, @DJStarfish! I second the request toward @DawnShadow., or whomever else can rip from their.