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  1. I'm ready for this. I also never played the N64 version so I'm glad this is coming out.
  2. I've been enjoying it. I've tried out Blacksmith, Miner, Mercenary, Alchemist, Cook, and currently Paladin. It's getting out of hand really quickly, haha.
  3. overworked in high school I was a goofball. In university I'm a better educated goofball
  4. guys I think we can all agree the best FPS is Wolfenstein
  5. Not usually. Next has a special keyboard/mouse?
  6. Yeeeeeeeep Next had something good to eat today?
  7. Not so much bored as tired. Next saw something cool this week?
  8. Is there stuff I wish I did differently? Absolutely. But I would be too afraid of unanticipated consequences to actually try to alter things. Plus time travel is one of my least favourite plot devices so I just don't like it on principle.
  9. Uh huh. So what's your gripe with 4? The multiplayer, like everyone else? Have you played Wars, ODST, Reach, or Spartan Assault if it was so bad or want something new? And do you think the upcoming Master Chief Collection is a total waste of time, money, and resources as well? The list will go on, I'm sure. I won't try to change anyone's minds. Did you read what I said earlier lol? I said I liked Reach and ODST. My problem with 4 is the story, it rambles all over the place and it uses Cortana to distract you from the fact that the overarching plot doesn't make any sense. As for Wars I thought it was a fun experiment and I haven't played Spartan Assault because l don't feel like it. I feel the same way about the Master Chief Collection as I feel about all the other remakes. The list won't go on because you should really learn how to read lmao
  10. No see I'm talking about the original story, 1-3. 4 is bad for separate reasons lol! Halo just has weak lore in my opinion. I know it's super detailed and they have a Halo bible and it has a hardcore fanbase, but it's famous for its multiplayer, not its compelling story or character creation. More details doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be better. In Halo you can read about the history of pretty much anything in the game and the expanded universe surely has a lot going for it, but the core story (i.e. the one everyone actually plays) is just kind of B grade. I say that with love, the same way I say Star Wars is a poorly written mess. And we all saw what happened to that expanded universe when push came to shove lol
  11. I really like Halo for it's fun multiplayer (I've always thought it was just the most refined and perfected) but aside from Reach and to a lesser degree ODST I've always thought it had a shitty story.
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