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  1. nope next is dragooon it stops double posts ;A;
  2. Was lulu, changed to Dragooon

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    2. RabbitBones
    3. Tsukumo Yuma

      Tsukumo Yuma

      Your new name reminds me of three things.

      Dragoon from beyblade

      Dragooon from Beyblade Zero G

      And Dragoon from Final Fantasy IV

    4. RabbitBones


      and the game legend of dragoon

  3. SAO II Akame ga Kill Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo ESP All should be good.
  4. I always seem to find a way to drop my phone in the FUCKING TOILET.........
  5. Banned for being a creeper.
  6. Banned for having a confusing avy.
  7. Sushi is love <3

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    2. RabbitBones


      yeah, it totally depends on the sushi.

    3. Dragooon


      lovebump, I don't like you. Don't converse with me in public anymore.

    4. lovebump


      nope sorry cant do that.

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