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    Status Quo

    I joined this site after the C-W shutdown, and that's what's sad for me is that we just lost collections of hard to find cartoons that was posted/rescued on Kametsu.
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    Reactions are finally here.

    @Koby Rep points tied to Reactions, so is there some form of limit to Reaction usage? Cause I'm not seeing my Reactions being registered after 10 in a row. Why not set Haha to neutral? Also, did one of the old themes (Asphyxia) got replaced or something?
  3. This is my new default theme and fav (Asphyxia seemed to load faster though)
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    We've Upgraded to IPS 4.1

    Can't seem to search specific sections like only "Content Distro" like before on advance search page http://kametsu.com/index.php?/search
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    Hi I'm from C-W forums

    Wow, so many ppl from C-W... it's almost nostalogic...