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  1. I honestly would've loved your ultimate Evangelion collection project.

    Why did you drop it?


    Also, do you still have the R2J rips of Death (true2) and End of Evangelion?

    Can you please re-up them?


  2. If you like relaxing video game music, please check out this compilation series I've been putting together:


  3. Need somebody to record DBS from Toonami Asia in lossless audio so we can preserve it.

  4. I always think it's funny when people ask a question or request something in a post and immediately add "thanks!" at the end of it. Whom are you thanking? Nobody has done anything for you yet.

    1. Etzimal


      Preemptive thanks, maybe?


      Thanks for taking the time to look?

    2. DawnShadow.


      Because you look like an ungrateful ass if you post a request without it.

  5. Would anybody like to help me with subs for Dragon Ball Z Kai? I have a style I'm going for, but I just need somebody to take care of them. Only 1-98, no Buu Saga.

    1. Etzimal


      If you are only talking about sub style and not typesetting, it is extremely easy. All you need to do is load up in Aegisub, change the dialogue style(s) to what you want, "save" that (those) styles in the manager then just apply it to each file.

  6. Just taught @Mr. Kimiko how to use MeGUI :)

  7. Have I got something in store for you guys.

    1. samuraix123
    2. DBZimran


      What do you have in store for us!!

  8. No more than the source DVD, which is about 5000, but that is mostly bloat to fill up 9GB of space on the DVD9. The art of encoding is finding the sweet spot that's as low of a bitrate as possible without introducing artifacts or other issues.
  9. I'm not one for encoding things anymore but this looks good enough. I see some minor compression artifacting so maybe bump up the video bitrate to 2000.
  10. Because they already had in-house dubs for the other three, so in their eyes their work was done.
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